Trish Franklin, “Sister Trish” is a slim, wiry lady of 50 plus years with possibly the brightest blue eyes in all of Vietnam.

Born in Ballarat, Trish entered the teaching order of the Loreto Sisters in 1970.  From teaching at various Loreto schools in Australia, she was appointed to a post in Thailand in 1985 and then to Vietnam in 1995.

In Vietnam, Trish found her life mission. As a result of war, poverty, bureaucracy and dysfunction, Vietnam has vast numbers of disadvantaged children – disabled, homeless, impoverished – needing a lift – which Trish is determined to provide.

Since her arrival, Trish has established and/or worked in safe-houses for street kids, regional schools, schools for the handicapped – blind kids, intellectually handicapped kids – children facing a life of poverty, unemployment and unhappiness. She has educated and turned lives around for literally thousands of children.

Trish has been recognised by both Australian and Vietnamese governments for her amazing work. She is regarded as a saint by the Aussie ex-pat community in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon), notwithstanding her support of The Carlton Football club.

Trish spoke to our club in 2010 and since then we have supported her with donations.  Club members have regularly called on Trish if they find an excuse to go to Viet Nam.