Love Thy Neighbour

Rotary Central Melbourne

Our Club will be having the first of a number of socials on Friday 21 July. I've called it "Love Thy Neighbour"!! In it's simplest form, you are being invited to a night out at a BYO restaurant somewhere close to you with a group of Rotarians from our Club who live in your area or relatively nearby.
There would be nothing worse than a divided Club but that's what I have done!! Club members have been divided into 4 "areas" as set out below and there are 4 Club members volunteering to choose and book the restaurant, advise you of specific details and take your acceptances.
So, this is the nominal division etc:
NORTH - Arranger : Suvam Ganguli
Stella Avramopoulos, Michelle Crawford, Gerard Hogan, Neville & Rebecca John, Elias Lebbos, Justine Murphy, Neil Salvano, Tony Thomas, Mary Voice and Yanpu.
SOUTH - Arranger: Rohan Williams
Des Benjamin, Tom Callander, Trevor Dymond, Marjorie & Bernie Gerlinger,Koren Harvey, Bruce Heron, Rob Hines, Anne King, Kevin Love, George Mackey,Bruce McBain, Richard Mitchell, Russell Rolls, Neville Taylor, Kevin Walklate and Rohan Williams.
CITY/WEST - Arranger : Millie Swann
Alison Chan, Julie Cookson, Peter Duras, Paul Fraser, Herb Greenwood, John Ilott, Michael Lapina, Daniel Lim, Cecily Neil, Rob Soros and Millie Swann
EAST - Arranger : Campbell Chambers
Warwick Cavell, Campbell Chambers, Allan Driver, Rana Ebrahimi, Stuart Ellis, Roy Garrett, John Hinrichs, David Jones, Frank O'Brien, Sarah Overton, Darren Park, Doug Robertson, Therese Robinson, Alan Seale and Roger Thornton.
The 4 arrangers will be in touch with specific restaurant details etc. and they will also announce them at the next 2 Club meetings so that if any of you wish to attend another of the chosen restaurants, you certainly can.
I hope you can support this initiative and enjoy your night with your neighbours!!
Best wishes