Posted by Bruce HERON
President Frank O’Brien welcomed DG Peter Frueh and his wife Anne, together with AG Kate Strain and Pres Manjula Pragasm (North Melbourne Rotary Club).
Alan Seale also introduced Brett Jones, a former Rotarian from New Zealand, who has relocated to Australia, as his guest.
New Member:
Alison Chan was welcomed as the newest member to be inducted into our Club, with Rebecca John as her mentor. In welcoming Alison to the Club, she has been nominated to serve on the Community Services Committee.
Club Announcements :
  • Herb Greenwood from Fundraising Committee, calling for contributions towards the forthcoming Grand Auction. [October]
  • Tony Thomas made members aware of the issue#1 for 2017-2018 of Rotary Networker, featuring our own IPP Justine Murphy on the cover proudly displaying her Rotary ink. The latest edition will include articles about Royal Talbot, and Rotary Foundation.
  • Stuart Ellis informed the Club that our exchange student from Switzerland will arrive in Australia next week.
  • Peter Duras advised that our first fundraising Bunnings BBQ will be held on Friday 25th August, with two shifts of 4 people each between 9am – 1pm, and 12:30pm to 4:30pm
  • Marjorie Gerlinger sought support for the nomination of Robert Brunner, Chairman of Circle Alliance Bank to the Board of RACV Club.
Fellowship Event:
  • In what promises to be a fantastic evening, venues for the upcoming “Love Thy Neighbour” dinners being held on Friday 21st July have been finalised, covering Greek, Thai, French and Malaysian cuisine.
Team Report – Community Services
  • Elias Lebbos, as Chair for 2017-2018 Community Services Team, outlined the key projects for this year including, but not limited to, support for Royal Talbot Sensory Garden, Mens’ Shed, Youth Projects and Tree of Joy. The Committee’s immediate focus is on establishing clear criteria for onboarding future projects, how we engage with key stakeholders, contributing to social cohesion and linking Melbourne’s diverse communities.
President Announcements:
  • President Frank paid tribute to Molly Frampton who recently passed away. Molly’s contribution to society through Rotary as founding member Keith’s life-partner cannot be overstated.
  • Frank also proudly displayed a Certificate of Appreciation from our Sister Club - Rotary Club of Echuca-Moama, for our member’s support of their recent Steam Rally held on the banks of the Campaspe River.
  • On October 9, the Rotary Club of Melbourne will continue their tradition of supporting the Around the Bay in a Day riding event. Funds raised are given to The Smith Family for their Learning for Life program, which helps children from disadvantaged families complete their schooling. The Rotary Club of Melbourne is proud to be a founding supporter of the Around the Bay in a Day event and is looking forward to again providing a group of committed riders as well as volunteer marshals. Any members wishing to participate can refer to their website link
President Frank went on to welcome DG Peter Frueh and invited him to address the Club.
Highlighted in a separate report this BULLETIN.