Brian Ashworth – Disaster Aid International

How Disaster Aid Australia became World's Best Practice in Sustainable Drinking Water









Brian is a recently retired Civil Engineer with 40 years experience in the UK and Australian Water Industries.

He owns and is the author of the website.

Previous board experience includes Maffra Hospital Board and the South Gippsland Health Service.

He has been a Rotarian for more than 20 years including being a Past President of his Club.

Disaster Aid Australia (DAA), a Rotary Club project that began in 2010 (as a company limited by guarantee, and, with full DGR tax deductibility for donations) is a member of the over-arching body known as Disaster Aid International (DAI). Other members of DAI are Rotary Club projects in Malaysia, UK & Ireland, USA with other countries looking to be involved.

Much of the administrative work of DAI is done through the DAA office in Eumemmering, near Dandenong.

Disaster Aid Australia provides aid to:

  • Natural Disasters using ‘Smart Aid

  • The Ongoing Disaster of Child Deaths from unsafe Drinking Water under the banner ‘Safe Water for Every Child

As a result of the work in the Philippines in both ‘Smart Aid’ and ‘Safe Water for every Child’ DAA was asked to submit its work to the Energy Globe World Sustainability Award for 2018. Out of 2,300 projects around the world, Disaster Aid was selected as the best Australian project and was one of only 16 finalists for the World Awards which was held in Iran in January 2019.

Disaster Aid Australia’s latest ‘Safe Water for Every Child’ project is Bhutan 2020, where we hope to provide Skyhydrants for the 120 Central Schools in Bhutan by the end of 2020. As part of the fundraising for Bhutan, we are promoting the opportunity to have a weeks holiday in Bhutan and personally deliver your donated Skyhydrant to a school.