Posted by Tom CALLANDER
Report on Club Meeting Tuesday 12 November 2019
Reporter:                                Tom Callander
Chairman:                               David Jones
President:                               Warwick Cavell presided
  1. Neville Taylor:  Paul Harris Breakfast Thursday 21 November 2019, bookings extended to Friday 15 November 2019. Still seeking some auction prizes for raffles.
  2. Gerard Hogan:  On to conference bookings - early bird closes end November (conference end March 2020).
  3. Roger Thornton:  Reported on his PNG visit for the proposed ANZCA team/global grant application to provide essential pain management particularly in the highlands areas. For 8.5 million people there are only 18 anaesthetists in PNG.
  4. Neville John:  Social function at his home rescheduled for Saturday 30 November 2019.
  5. Russell Rolls:  He has Bruce Ruxton’s collection of memorabilia including a Tudor mug with a Rotary symbol - any takers?
  6. Christmas hampers:  Brochures on tables.
  7. Kevin Love:  Has two rooms and one garage full of market items for next weekend.
  8. Rob Hines:  Melbourne Cup Sweep winders - Allan Driver, Rob Hines and Warwick Cavell.
  9. President: Birthdays (Luke Allen) and wedding anniversary (Rob & Tessa Hines) and also noted Board Meeting this week.
  10. Frank O’Brien:  Reports on sausage sizzle at Bunnings last Saturday, with next at Port Melbourne and possibly one next Sunday at Collingwood.
Annual General Meeting
Paul Fraser conducted as Secretary.
Motions put:
  1. Confirm last AGM Minutes.
  2. Approve financial statements 2018/19 and auditor’s report.
  3. Approve President Elect Elias Lebbos and President Nominee Rohan Williams.
  4. Other office holders (2020/2021):
    • Vice Presidents:  Kevin Love and Anne King
    • Secretary:  Paul Fraser
    • Treasurer:  Martin Langton
    • Chairs of Committee:
      • Club Administration: Gerard Hogan
      • Community: Rohan Williams
      • International: Cecily Neal
      • Vocational: Sarah Overton
      • Youth: David Laurie
      • Foundation: Neville Taylor
      • Fundraising: Rob Hines
      • Membership: Neville John
      • Auditor: Darren Park
Guest Speaker
Neville Taylor introduced our guest speaker Jessica Trijsburg. Jessica is a Class 10 Rotary Peace Fellow. H-er background is described in last week’s bulletin. She undertook the two year Master’s Program at the University of North Carolina, with a degree focusing on security analysis in Asia and the Pacific, studies in Indonesian and Mandarin language, and a Master of Arts and a Graduate Certificate of International Development and Global Migration.
In her role as a Community Capacity Co-ordinator at Melton City Council she manages a team in the areas of community engagement, development and volunteering as well as indigenous affairs and inter-cultural development. She has brought back to Australia programs such as Inter-Cultural Cities - Local Government and has convened an Inter-Cultural Cities Summit in 2019 promoting the advantages of cultural harmony. She has had to deal with right wing extremism.
She is involved with research projects with increasing municipal involvement in the Strong Cities Network Local Government Participation Program of the Council of Europe. She is involved with the Victorian African Communities Action Plan with the Melbourne West Working Group. She is also involved with action plants for Melton in respect of Aboriginal Communities Reconciliation and Self Determination.
Her presentation was received with much interest. It demonstrated the value of the Rotary Peace Fellow Program.
President Warwick then closed the meeting.