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The Vocational Service Committee is seeking to showcase the Rotarian values in vocational activities.

The Committee is involved in the following projects and activities:

Victoria Police Leadership Mentoring Program
This Program was established by Rotary Central Melbourne in conjunction with Victoria Police and the Business Community. It is an Intra-District and Multi-District program which is endorsed at District level. The project aims to link senior Victorian police officers to the community and business by providing mentors from the business sector and Rotary for a year. The program is a structured 12-month development opportunity that partners a Police member with a business or Rotary mentor in order to fully develop the members' leadership skills relevant to their role in the Force.
Vocational Talks
The Vocational Service Committee organises vocational talks by members of the club. These talks can either focus on providing an insight to club members on a vocation or profession or updating them on what is new in their profession.

Vocational Visits
The vocational visit is one of the traditional activities of the Vocational Service Committee. It provides an opportunity to learn on-site more about different vocations combining educational purposes, engagement with the business sector and fellowship in one activity.

Ethics Debates
An ethics debate is an ideal way to showcase the Rotary 4 way test and usually involves members of the club debating a topic and applying the 4 way test to solve an ethical conundrum.