Youth Projects and Rotary - the icing on the cake
Oct 17, 2023 7:40 AM
Richie Goonan
Youth Projects and Rotary - the icing on the cake

Youth Projects has been working with disadvantaged youth and people experiencing homelessness for nearly 50 years. Our work seeks to have lasting impact on the lives of the people who access our services, but government funding only provides the bare minimum. It is only with the support of Rotary and our local communities that we can provide world class responses that go beyond just servicing clients, we can change lives!

Richie brings 30 years’ experience in the community welfare sector working at the intersection of policy and service delivery across homelessness, residential care, drug and alcohol, harm reduction, primary health, family violence and mental health. From humble beginnings as a youth worker in residential care, youth justice and youth homelessness, Richie has gone on to lead a wide range of crisis and developmental programs for youth, adults and families in the sector.

As Executive Manager, Community Health at Youth Projects, Richie proudly leads teams of passionate social justice warriors to achieve lasting change in the lives of the people who access health, harm reduction and youth-focused programs. With an unwavering commitment to amplifying the voices of people with a lived experience, Richie drives service design responses that create positive change in people’s lives, whilst challenging the systems and attitudes that lead to inequality and disadvantage.