Introducing Julia and New Generations Service Exchange
Sep 17, 2024 7:40 AM
Introducing Julia and New Generations Service Exchange

I am immensely excited at the prospect of participating in a six-week music exchange program in Australia. As a dedicated musician currently pursuing studies in Germany, the opportunity to collaborate with diverse artists and immerse myself in Australia's vibrant music scene fills me with anticipation and enthusiasm.

Furthermore, I feel incredibly grateful for the chance to experience this enriching opportunity. Knowing that I have the support to embark on this journey and expand my musical horizons is truly amazing. I am eager to make the most of this experience and contribute positively to the cultural exchange between the two countries.

I look forward to sharing my music, exploring new genres, and experiencing the cultural richness of Australia. This exchange promises personal growth, creative inspiration, and invaluable connections within the global music community.

I am genuinely thrilled to explore Australia's lively music scene. I aim to connect with local musicians and share in their experiences and perspectives. Through conversations and collaborative sessions, I hope to gain a genuine understanding of what defines Australian music culture and life.

My education has primarily taken place in Germany. I completed my schooling in Spain before moving to Germany at the age of 17 to pursue music studies. In Leipzig I completed one year of pre-Bachelor and four years of Bachelor studies under the guidance of Ronen Shifron and Tatjana Masurenko. While there, I also explored contemporary music through various projects. After my Bachelor's, I continued my studies in Nürnberg with Andreas Willwohl for my Master's. Here, I've been delving deeper into viola performance and formed a quartet. Last year, I had the honour of securing first place in the Rotary Club Competition.

My professional journey began a couple of years ago, and I have yet to secure a stable position as a musician. However I have worked as a semi-freelance musician with my quartet, performing concerts across various regions in southern Germany. Additionally, I have been involved in different projects with the Baltic Sea Philharmonic Orchestra until December 2022.