Innovations in Memorialisation: The Melbourne Korean War Memorial’s Information Creation Process
Aug 09, 2022 7:40 AM
Prof Lisa Given
Innovations in Memorialisation: The Melbourne Korean War Memorial’s Information Creation Process

Public memorials are common markers of historic events, globally. These landmarks hold great meaning for our communities, for historians, and for visitors to our cities, but many people are unaware of the processes involved in creating these important works.

This talk explores the creation of the Melbourne Korean War Memorial, located in the City of Maribyrnong’s Quarry Park. The process combined expertise in architecture, industrial design, engineering, and history, with a team working for more than two years to bring the memorial from an initial idea through to production. The team worked with government officials and community members in Korea and Australia to develop prototypes, document relevant historic details, and construct and instal the completed memorial.

The finished product informs the viewer about historic events, while also meeting architectural and design best practices. By integrating research expertise with community feedback, while meeting technical and government design needs, the memorial informs about the war through a combination of statistics, storytelling, and visual knowledge representations.

Lisa’s interdisciplinary research in human information behaviour brings a critical, social research lens to studies of technology use and user-focused design. Her studies embed social change, focusing on diverse settings and populations, and methodological innovations across disciplines.

A former President of the Association for Information Science and Technology, Lisa has served on the Australian Research Council’s (ARC) College of Experts. She holds numerous grants funded by ARC, Canadian Institutes for Health Research, and Canada’s Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, working with university and community partners across disciplines.

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