Presentation from Rotary Central Melbourne’s accomplished MUNA team
Aug 13, 2024 7:40 AM
Monique Riviere-Pendle
Presentation from Rotary Central Melbourne’s accomplished MUNA team

Monique Riviere-Pendle has worked at Casey Grammar since 2017.  She has proven herself as a lover of life-long learning. Her education includes teaching (Humanities and English) as well as a Masters in Theology, leading to her moving from classroom teaching to Chaplaincy.

Monique seeks to instil a passion for learning and for community in her students through running events such as Harmony Week and Reconciliation Week. She loves helping students connect with issues of justice, seeing how they can make a difference in the world.

Naheed Jafary is in year 12 at Casey Grammar, while Anushka Abbott is in year 11. They’ll tell us a little more about their interests, including why they were interested in, and motivated to participate in an extension activity like Rotary’s Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA).

Naheed and Anushka will describe the MUNA experience of representing Japan, preparing for and presenting at MUNA, what they learnt, and a key new perception of the UN or the world.

Monique will conclude with how MUNA fits into the mission and ethos of Casey Grammar.