Navigating the Storm: Lessons from the Pandemic
Sep 19, 2023 7:40 AM
Gary Ryan
Navigating the Storm: Lessons from the Pandemic

The world has changed markedly since the pandemic. Our workplaces have changed and much of what we felt comfortable with has arguably gone forever. Our lives have been disrupted. Gary's presentation will include ways to manage the new “disrupted world”. His subject will include the following.

  1. The Great Disruption: Unravelling the Leader’s Pre-Pandemic Mindset
  2. Navigating Uncertainty: Why “Care” Matters
  3. Innovation and Transformation: The Silver Linings of Disruption
  4. Resilience in Leadership: Preparing for Future Challenges
  5. How to reset “Accountability.”

As the owner and Director of Organisations That Matter, a premier boutique leadership consulting Gary is committed to helping leaders and organisations unlock their true potential. He has worked with prominent clientele like the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC), Life Saving Victoria, Viva Energy, University of Melbourne, Monash University, Metro Trains Melbourne, V/Line and many others.

Gary is a bestselling author, with his books, Disruption Leadership Matters – lessons for leaders from the pandemic and What Really Matters For Young Professionals! How to Master 15 Practices to Accelerate Your Career. Additionally, he’s authored a series of highly acclaimed e-books, such as Energy For Success – Seven Steps for Generating the Energy You Need for Success.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Gary leads a fulfilling personal life as a dedicated husband and proud father of five children. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial to him, and he actively contributes to his local community through involvement in various roles within his local junior sporting clubs. In fact, he’s not just an expert in leadership, but he’s also demonstrated his endurance and discipline by completing 11 marathons, including an impressive eighth-place finish in the Alice Springs Marathon in 2009.