Dedicated Rotarian Bruno Cellier, of RC Valenciennes, France (60 members) is seeking up to six months board for his daughter Sophie 19, who started an economics degree at Melbourne University this month. She won a scholarship paying 20% of her fees.
She was too late to get a place at a university college but will move there after December. Bruno will pay commercial board to any host family meanwhile. Sophie is seeking a room for three months or longer. She is keen to get out of a local backpacker hotel.
Sophie, a non-smoker non-drinker and with good English, will major in finance and management and then look for a job in the  movie industry.
Bruno employs 60 people in his business making prosthetic limbs and devices. He does charity work by mentoring and sharing R&D with small  prosthetic makers. His Rotary club donates to an institution for badly-burnt children in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, to help healing and then therapy for their re-education. This is a boon for under-privileged Bolivians who travel from afar for concessional treatment.  
Sophie was attracted by Melbourne Uni’s cinema school. Her hobbies are drama, theatre, reading and drawing.
Contact:, 0435 9291 72:  Her mother Pascale is at
 Sophie [left] with mother Pascale and Tony.