'The Power of 10' in action, as Rotary does so well - with help from facebook.
Members know the organisation 'Youth Projects' is a prime beneficiary of our Community Team, led by Peter Duras.  'Youth Projects' works with the disadvantaged, homeless and young people needing help in Melbourne city.
The recent request for blankets, sleeping bags, scarfs and other cold weather clothing brought an excellent response from our members but, unknown to Peter, our facebook posting of this project was picked up by Daniel Rigoni of Woodend club.   
With support from Past President  Grant Hocking and his wife Melissa, Daniel set about mobilising their club members to help our project -  and that’s not all - they also mobilised nearby clubs in the Bendigo region with the result two full to overflowing utes were required to transport the clothing, sleeping bags and blankets to Melbourne.  Surprise Peter!   
Daniel, Grant and Melissa outside Youth Projects Building in Hosier Lane.
Two utes overflowing with cold weather supplies donated by sister clubs being unpacked at the DIK store.
From left Daniel Rigoni, Peter, Grant Hocking, Sue and Melissa Hocking.