Due to the necessity to remain out of public spaces where possible, we are continuing our Zoom breakfast meetings for the foreseeable future.

If you would like to visit our meeting, please contact us by email on rotaryclubcentralmelbourne@gmail.com or phone 0455-858-996 and request log-in details.

The meeting will commence at 7:40am and conclude no later than 8:45.

Parmiss Kia: What is SEO in digital marketing?

Parmiss is an experienced digital marketer with a solid 10 years of experience in developing and managing search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing, electronic direct mail (EDM) and branding for a number of Australian & international clients. Her clients have included Country Road Group, realestate.com.au, realcommercial.com.au, Flatmates and Spacely from REA Group, Mars Incorporation, Royal Canin AU & NZ, Eukanuba Australia & NZ, Southwharf Association and Be Fit Food to name a few.

Parmiss has a background in Search, she has a passion for optimising online channels in order to maximise traffic, increase brand exposure, increase conversions and achieve business goals through my creative approach, research, and analysis.