Justine Murphy
My ultra-marathon experience

Justine Murphy recently finished the Blue Mountains 100km “Ultra-Marathon” in 19 hours 55 minutes.

Justine will discuss her experience, including: why she did it, her preparation, the run itself and ‘what’s next’.

Justine is a member of the RC of Central Melbourne – Sunrise. She started swimming at 30 years of age to get healthy and lose weight. She added strength and cardio classes within a few years and then took tentative steps to start running at 35. Her addiction to running soon took hold and she ran her first half marathon for her 40th birthday and then, most recently the NorthFace100 Ultra Marathon for her 45th birthday.

Although she has not yet won the ‘health’ battle, she has successfully achieved her weight loss goals, weighing more than 20kg less than when she started her journey 15 years ago.