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Dr Dein Vindigni and Dr Prasad Rao Podugu: Pathways to Healthy Ageing - an interdisciplinary collaborative approach to positive health in older adults

Pathways to Healthy Ageing (PHA) is an RMIT Bundoora West Campus interdisciplinary initiative sustained by collaborative partnerships with a range of community organisations. The PHA model draws on the skills, knowledge and recommendations of academics, clinicians, researchers and community organisations working with older adults to inform its initiatives.

The RMIT team integrates the principles of healthy ageing in teaching future health professionals in allied and complementary health including nursing, psychology, pharmacy, osteopathy, chiropractic and Chinese medicine. It also embraces an evidence-based approach that translates clinical science into better health outcomes for older adults and to the community.

The interdisciplinary team offers a mix of unique skills, knowledge and collaborative networks to help answer research questions of public health importance in healthy ageing and includes a particular focus on digital health.  This presentation will also focus on the achievements of the team thus far and highlight the factors contributing to healthy ageing.

Dein Vindigni (pictured) is the former Head of the Chiropractic Program with the School of Health and Biomedical Sciences at RMIT University. He was in private practice for 35 years prior to becoming a full-time academic in 2015. Dein has also been actively involved with a voluntary health organisation Hands-on-Health Australia (HoHA) since its foundation in 1987. HoHA provides allied and complementary health care and clinical training programs for underserved communities. Dein’s primary research interests are Indigenous health, aged care and caring for vulnerable and marginalised communities.

Prasad Rao Podugu is a clinical psychologist, currently Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology at RMIT University. He has clinical and research experience in a range of areas including clinical geropsychology, clinical neuropsychology, dementias, culture and mental health, health and illness. Prasad has been involved in a range of research projects related to older adults. He has published 45 papers and chapters covering clinical geropsychology, clinical neuropsychology of older persons, and the role of culture in health and illness.