Mr Gordon Morrison
"Scotland’s contribution to the early European settlement of Australia"

The Art Gallery of Ballarat has opened its biggest exhibition – For Auld Lang Syne: Images of Scottish Australia from First Fleet to Federation. A total of 350 works are displayed, effectively offering a march through time of over 130 years.

The exhibition has a broad appeal to both historians and art lovers. It celebrates the contribution of Scots not only as educationalists, missionaries, philanthropists and entrepreneurs, but also includes the early history when Scots were transported to the colony of NSW as political prisoners and forgers, while at the other end of the scale two of the most important governors – Macquarie and Brisbane, were Scots. A significant part of the exhibition deals with the romantic interpretation of the Highlands in art and popular culture, with Highland Games and the wearing of Tartan being commonplace in the colonies.
Gordon is Director of the Art Gallery of Ballarat where he has worked since 2004. He is Australian-born but his parents left Scotland at the end of WWII so his father could accept a position with the CSIRO.  He began his career at the National Gallery of Victoria after achieving a Bachelor of Arts with Honours at the University of Melbourne in 1979. He later went on to hold prominent positions within the NGV as that Gallery’s Registrar and then Divisional Head of Exhibitions and Collection Management from 1997 until 2003.