"How Employers can Benefit from Working with the NDRC"

The work of the National Disability Resource Coordinator ['NDRC'] is guided by its mission to make a real and measurable impact on employment opportunities for people with injury, illness or disability – and their belief in access and inclusion, extending to all facets of life.

Through the delivery of a range of advisory and support services the NDRC aims to build disability knowledge and confidence with employers to help break down barriers to employment for people with disability.

The NDRC provides support to employers to do this by raising awareness in the workplace, developing and implementing best practice policies, procedures, tools and resources, identifying any barriers which could prevent the employment of people with disability, individualised training for staff and distribution of vacancies to the network of Disability Employment Services ['DES'].

Natalie started working in private recruitment in 2001 and left the industry to move into employment services.​ In 2008, Natalie was in the Disability Employment Services space as an Employment Coordinator and ultimately as Regional Manager covering metro and regional Victoria. She has also set up a training and employment program for disadvantaged youth, and has now been with the NDRC over 2 years.

Simon Gray has been involved in programs for the long-term unemployed since their inception in 1990s. For 12 years he specialised in delivering employment assistance for people with disability, working across all facets of Disability Employment Services including employment consultancy, training, business development and public relations. He also managed a large market-leading DES in Melbourne during this time. Simon has been with the NDRC for over 4 years.​