The House of Dreams ['HOD'] is a non profit project founded by Ken Pitsapheng in 2012 in Luang Parbang, Northern Laos.

'HOD' provides a home away from home for rural children so they can receive better education in the city, not available in their home villages through insufficient resources. In addition to homing the children HOD also provides English studies twice daily tutored by volunteer teachers visiting Luang Parbang.
Our 'school building' teams visiting Laos over the past few years have touched 'HOD' in Luang Parbang through our connection with school building project organiser Somnuek Bounsa of Luang Parbang and Rod Fraser of Ivanhoe Vic, both of whom assist Ken to run the House of Dreams. 

For USD1,000 HOD can provide 12 months accommodation, food, learning materials, school/university fees, school uniform and shoes for one of their young residents.  They can take up to eight residents who live very much like a family unit. [Photo: Outside House of Dreams, Laung Parbang March '16] 
Ken and Rod Fraser visited our club this week and presented to the full house of members at the meeting. 
Briefly, Ken’s story is that as a rural child he moved to the city at age 13 years and became a novice monk, to obtain access to better education – a popular route to education in Laos.  Ken tried three times to gain access to medical school but failed on each occasion.  It is through this experience that he learned how difficult it can be to realise a dream and from that Ken commenced the House of Dreams so that other rural children might have the opportunity of making their dreams come true.

If any members would like to know more, or contribute to House of Dreams, the International team [Rob Hines Team Leader] or Roy Garrett will be pleased to discuss.