Saturday morning,14 June 2014, saw 8 members from our Club make up half of a hard working contingent of Rotarians who collected and loaded 28 beds from a disused wing of the hospital into a 40 foot container. Those attending were Pres Doug, PE Roy, Bernie Gerlinger, Rob Hines, Bruce Heron, Russell Rolls, John Price and Frank O’Brien plus other Rotarians including former member Peter Lake, now with RC of Melbourne, and two who had travelled from Rochester. Two hours later and job done... followed by a well earned coffee break.

The original plan was to load 50 beds into the container but unfortunately 22 of the beds available were ultimately assessed as “Unroadworthy” due to various failings. Nevertheless, the container was due to be transported to DIK warehouse early the following week where further beds will be loaded to fill the container. By the end of the week, the container will be on the wharf awaiting shipping to the Philippines where the beds will be put to very good use.