• Do you [or spouse] have little free time between 17 July and 25 July 2014? 
  • Are you up for a little driving (a day or half day) around our beautiful city in support of a visiting Rotarian from Houston?
  • Would you like to contribute to the hospitality being offered to three young people visiting the 20th International Aids Conference being held in Melbourne?
If so, then please read on…..
The 20th International Aids Conference (http://www.aids2014.org/) is being held in Melbourne from 20th to 25th July 2014. We’ve had a request for support from RC Houston Skyline, to help between 17th and 25th July 2014. This is Michelle Heard’s sponsoring RC - Michelle is the Global Peace Scholar we are currently hosting.   There are three young people from Botswana involved, and we’ve been asked if we could provide hoc transport and logistics support around the city.
If we can supply names to populate a roster for a day/half day each that would be good.
Who’s up for this one?  
Please contact George Mackey, asap.