Posted by Anne KING
Chair of the day Rob Hines opened the meeting with a toast to Rotary International.
There was one visitor to the club this morning – soon to be inducted Sarah Overton
  • Frank O’Brien advised that the new date for DIK was 18/6 after several changes in arrangements
  • President George Mackie revealed that he had attended the launch of Tony Thomas’ book and said that it was an elegant affair and that for the first time in his experience he had seen Tony lost for words. He also advised that the 7/6/2016 was the date for three events:
    • Sarah’s induction
    • Vote by the club on the proposed new name for the club
    • A discussion on membership focus and a vote on the way forward.
    • President Elect Justine Murphy put a plug in for a screening of a movie on 2nd June called Bringing the Light – the story of 7 women. It is being screened at 6.30 at the Nova Cinema and is an inspiring story of a sustainable social enterprise.
Club Forum:
President Elect Justine announced her goals for 2016/17 to be:
  *A happy, productive club
  *A proven, systematic process in place for attracting and recruiting members
  *A new member mentoring program in place, with new members active and engaged
  *A successful and well attended District Conference (March 2017)
  *A sustainable fundraising program in place
  *An ongoing commitment to humanitarian service at district level
The club’s Focus Plan developed during this rotary year (strategy on a page) was displayed and then project managers / directors spoke about individual components of the plan.
Various matters were discussed and the full set of slides are on the web-site.
Justine also handed out a document to members asking them to indicate what area / project they were interested in being involved with for the year. Members who haven’t completed the document can find it on the web-site.
Highlights were:
  • The swindle is to remain
  • Reports on club activities in future are going to be project based rather than avenue of service based.
  • We need to determine a use for the trailer previously used for community village
  • A reminder that DIK can be used for community projects not just overseas aid.
  • Rob Hines is keen to continue to explore indigenous projects and/ or engagement opportunity with the indigenous community
  • It was decided that we would probably not continue with the Fraternitas award as its value to international house has diminished since the quantum of the award has reduced to $250