A note from Honorary Member, Past President John Meehan
Past President and Honorary Member, Dr. Lou Butterfield was admitted to Bay Hospital in Mornington last week to enable control of his sugar levels and for a general health assessment. 
Lou, who was a Charter Member of our Club in 1987, has also been unable to walk without assistance and is expecting to be moved to a rehabilitation centre Frankston for a few weeks to recover his mobility and strength. In the meantime his wife Pat, also a former Club member, has moved to her son Jeff, and his partner Elaine’s, home in South Frankston whilst Lou is recovering.
The best wishes of all Club members are extended to Lou and Pat.
Past President John was pleased to announce that daughter, and past member, Kathy and her husband Colin have produced another offspring.
Baby Jack Edwin Pollard, 7lb 5oz was born just after our club meeting on 3rd June.
Proud grandmother Raylee and Jack Pollard.             
Editor. We did not publish a photo of Granddad John owing space and fact that Jack currently has many similarities in appearance.
  Mietta, Kathy and Jack