Roy Garrett brought members up to date with the current position of helping Non, a 13 year old Laotian school boy, receive essential surgery for his life threatening and debilitating medical condition meningoencephilocele.
Briefly, CAT scans have been completed and interpreted in Melbourne and Phnom Penh, confirming the initial diagnosis and suitability for surgery.  Non and a parent are now obtaining passports for travel to Cambodia as the surgery is not available in Laos.
The RC of Phnom Penh has overseen 80 successful cases of the surgery required by local surgeons trained by French Doctors. Our visit to that club in April has prepared the ground work for Non’s case to proceed.    
Having met again with Non and his father recently Roy was able to impart his passion to help Non at Tuesday’s meeting. 
A request for donations to assist Non resulted in a fabulous and immediate response of $4,075 committed by members at Tuesday's meeting.
Roy’s reaction to this fantastic response by members is;  “Doesn’t that sort of say what Rotary is all about?  What a club!"
Members wishing to donate by direct credit please deposit to the club’s bank account:
  • Westpac, Melbourne
  • BSB  033 000:  A/c # 791085
  • Add  'Non' and your surname please.
All donations will be held separately for Non’s treatment, the extent of which cannot be determined until surgery is undertaken.  Any surplus will ultimately be placed in the clubs general funds.