George wishes to publicly thank the members who responded to the call for help with visitors from Botswana, in Melbourne for the World AIDS Conference.  
The visiting group comprised six young people, each with HIV AIDS, and Ed Pettitt, who was our guest speaker last Tuesday.
Neville and Suzette Taylor and George and Julie Mackey offered accommodation and a team of Alan Seale, Doug Robertson.Richard Stone, Tony Thomas and David Jones made up the RCCMS Transport Corps, on standby for help around the city and of course a compulsory trip to Healesville.
Alongside the thanks from George it is appropriate for the club to give an even larger thank-you to George and Julie. The organisation and contact with the group pre conference, all undertaken by George, was 'not inconsiderable' and when coupled with visitors' missing connections, one leader not being able to make the trip [ = a further three young people in the equation], a visitor's mobile phone not working and one young person 'lost' in Melbourne you will gain an idea of how George and Julie spent last weekend. Basil Fawlty comes to mind.  Great to see you smiling and your usual unfazed self last Tuesday George.