A frosty Sunday morning in Montague saw twenty keen Central Melbourne Sunrise members and ADG Batman Cluster Tony Wells all suitably warmed by coffee gather in the Montague Continuing Education Centre with President Elect Doug Robertson to map the way into 2013/14 Rotary year.
Tony congratulated the club on their commitment to District 9800 and their excellent 2012/13 year
Doug then introduced the morning with the RI Theme for 2013/14 of “Engage Rotary, Change Lives”. We then considered the underpinning objectives which would guide formulation of the club’s approach throughout 2013-14:
  • Maintain member engagement at a high level … and consider:
  • Alternative structures
  • Affiliate members
  • Satellite Clubs
  • Use of the Melbourne eClub
  • Partners
  • Committee Chairs and
  • Friends of Rotary better defined and revitalized.
  • Undertake a formal recruitment project
  • Undertake a major fund raising project in the first quarter of 2013/14
  • Seek sustainable fundraising options
  • Extend the Club footprint
  • Engage with our City Community
  • Proactively seek funding grants.
After the mandatory coffee break the group broke into syndicates to consider committee programs. The following is a snapshot of some of the conclusions:
  • Format and protocol of breakfast meetings to follow that of 2012/13 but fewer director presentations and conscious effort by chair to encourage a relaxed rather than feeling of rushed meeting
  • Strengthening of social activities to underpin member engagement
  • Engage with the wider community of international students
  • Strengthen our relationship with our School community
  • Stronger engagement with asylum seeker and intercultural programs
  • Look at a program to develop asthma management awareness with rural doctors (raised by Patrick Barry)
  • Look to develop long term sustainable fund raising projects, these could include:
  • Intimate fundraising dinners at member’s homes, perhaps in summer barbeques
  • Looking at Farmers Markets
  • Develop our ability to source grants
  • Continuation of existing programs but reappraise effectiveness.
After discussion of the emerging themes the driver for all activities will be assessment against the 2013 RI theme and whether they meet the test of our underpinning objectives of sustainability, financially viable, provide opportunities for leadership and engage members.