Letter from Roy Garrett
Members will be aware that our club has run three successful school projects in Laos over the last two years and that a fourth project is nearing completion this year.  It is a small primary school in a very small and isolated village, Houay Thao, out of Luang Prabang in the north of the country.
Previous years, we have taken groups to Thailand, Laos and Viet Nam and our groups have attended the very moving and unforgettable ceremonies to conclude each project.  The Lao people need and appreciate our work and show this at the "official" day.  If there were to be no RCCMS representation at this year's ceremony, it would be a great pity.
I am prepared to take another group this year.  Because of commitments to our club I have shortened it somewhat and have left out the Viet Nam component, replacing it with a couple of days in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
The trip goes for 13 days and is expected to come in at a little over $5,000 per person.  This includes all airfares, boat fares, accommodation and meals, plus a donation of $600 to our projects via RAWCS.
If you are interested in this tour and would like an itinerary, please let me know within the next two weeks.  If it is going to happen, there is a lot to do.