Melbourne Sunrise Probus Club secretary Jill Tabart [photo], who spoke to our club on September 1, put out the following notice to her members for the Probus Club meeting on September 3:
"......Secretary’s Report
The Management Committee at its bi-monthly meeting on Monday 17 August achieved a brisk one and a half hours of productive work on your behalf. Here are the headlice from the engine room of this Probus Club:
1. Parading paddock preliminaries
While recognising the value of pre-meeting socialising, the Committee agreed compliance with a 10.00 am start to the monthly Club meeting does ensure the guest speaker is afforded the courtesy of the agreed time for a presentation......"
At the club meeting she referred again to the committee’s 'headlice' problem and awarded a chocolate prize to one member who had spotted the embarrassing typo. [Editor: A chocolate fish to members who spot the deliberate 'typo's in the BULLETIN].