Bank boffin b----s off.
Veteran club member Frank O’Brien 69, finally bit the bullet and retired from Bendigo Bank in January.  He had been manager of trustee services there for 17 years and before then with National Australia Bank Trustees, which he helped set up in the early 1990s.
Frank says his main activity now is a ‘property developer’. He’s rebuilding a holiday place at Pt. Fairy and just completed a major renovation at his daughter and son-in-law’s place at North Balwyn. He plans a similar big renovation of his and Pauline’s own home later this year. Herb Greenwood is assisting with architectural flourishes.
Frank also continues his interest in share investments. He manages the charitable trust at his local church St Bede’s in North Balwyn, which despite its conservative bent, managed a 20% return in the strong market last year. Personally, his favourite stock has been ANZ which he has ridden up from under $3 in 1987 to about $33 today, plus dividends en route.
He keeps fit(ter) at the Kew YMCA thrice weekly where he often bumps into Roger Thornton.
He has two offspring and three grandchildren in Melbourne.
Frank says, “I went out from Bendigo Bank on my own terms, they were happy for me to stay there as long as I like. I can’t speak highly enough of their professionalism and considerateness.”
Pauline says of Frank’s retirement and omnipresence 24/7: “I’m just surviving. Dinner is OK but lunch is an issue.”
Club Reporter Thomas.