11 June 2024
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Meeting Responsibilities

LEE, Ben
Bulletin Editor
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This is a Zoom meeting.
If you would like to visit our meeting, please contact our club secretary by email on and request log-in details.
The meeting will commence at 7:40am and conclude no later than 8:45. The meeting login details were distributed recently by President Michelle.
RCM Meeting Bulletin Report 04 June 2024
Reported by Suvam Ganguli
The chair of the day Roy Garrett opened the meeting with a toast to Rotary Central Melbourne.
President Michelle Crawford acknowledged the traditional owners of the land upon which the meeting was conducted and welcomed members and guest, which included:
  • DG Elect Michael Lapina

  • PDG Bronwyn Stevens

  • Mark Stephens Rotary Club of Brighton North

  • Tessa Hines

The chair acknowledged the following member milestones:
Members’ Birthdays June 2024
Bruce McBAIN
Wedding Anniversaries June 2024
Veronica & Kevin LOVE together 45 years
Been in Rotary June 2024
Neville John, 29 years
Neil SALVANO, 24 years
Mary VOICE, 23 years
Koren HARVEY, 13 years
Darren PARK, 12 years
Stella AVRAMOPOULOS, 10 years
Cecily NEIL, 9 years
Sarah OVERTON, 8 years
Roy introduced himself, Tessa & Rob Hines and Rebecca & Neville John as the speakers of the day. The topic being their recent trip to Cambodia, Vietnam and Lao.
Roy started the presentation by sharing with members about Annie and his long tradition of taking friends and acquaintances to Vietnam and other parts of Asia and that is how he met Roger, Frank and Herb.
Roy then proceeded to explain how he met Som Nuak, his contact for many years in Cambodia. Roy also presented to members photos of all the Scheel projects he has been involved in over the years.
School 1 – Ban Heu Yen Village
School 2 – Houay Kang High School – 2013 (Kitchen & Toilet)
School 3 – Houy Thao School – 2014 (Toilet Block donated by Kevin Love)
School 4 – Boum Or – 2016
School 5 – Houay Tan – 2018
School 6 – Luan Prabang – 2024 (School Library)
Rob Hines presented the good work RCM is doing in collaboration with World Of Difference and Darrel Steer, aka ‘Dunny Darrel’ in Cambodia building 643 Toilets for villagers near Siem Reap.
Rebecca and Neville presented photos of their trip around Vietnam and Lao. Some of the places they visited were Ho Chi Min, Hoi An, Danang, Ha Noi, Sapa and Luang Prabang.
Member announcements:
Neville john invited members to volunteer for upcoming Bunnings BBQ in September.
Rob Hines reminded members that the auction for Changeover event is now running and the raffle information will be shared with members soon.
President Michelle presented Past President Rohan Williams with the lapel pin for joining the Polio Plus Society.
President Michelle reminded members about RCM’s Changeover Dinner on 28th June and encouraged members to book their tickets.
President Michelle ended the meeting by thanking the speakers of the day for sharing the details of their eventful journey across Cambodia, Vietnam and Lao and thanked guests for joining RCM members for the meeting.
President Michelle Crawford: Club Forum
The program for this meeting will be a discussion on the club’s progress with our objectives for the Rotary year. The program will feature four of the club’s directors who will present progress reports on their objectives for the Rotary Avenues of Service.
  • Ignacio Inchausti - Director Vocational Service
  • Rebecca John - Director Community Service
  • Cecily Neil - Director International Service
  • Rhys Williams, - Director Youth Service
Presentation Team and Date:
Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA), 13 August 2024
Chaplain Monique Riviere-Pendle from Casey Grammar School
Students: Anushka Abbott and Naheed Jafary
Monique Riviere-Pendle has worked at Casey Grammar since 2017.  Monique has proven herself as a lover of life-long learning. Her education includes teaching (Humanities and English) as well as a Masters in Theology, leading to her moving from classroom teaching to Chaplaincy.  
Monique seeks to instil a passion for learning and for community in her students through running events such as Harmony Week and Reconciliation Week. She loves helping students connect with issues of justice, seeing how they can make a difference in the world.
Naheed Jafary is in Year 12 at Casey Grammar, while Anushka Abbott is in year 11. They’ll tell us a little more about their interests during their presentation.
Presentation from RCM’s Accomplished MUNA team
  • Naheed and Anushka: Background motivation: why they were interested in, and motivated to participate in, an extension activity like MUNA

  • Naheed and Anushka: MUNA itself: describe the experience of representing Japan, preparing for, presenting at MUNA, what they learnt, a key new perception of the UN or the world that they now have

  • Monique: how MUNA fits into the mission and ethos of Casey Grammar

Please note that the 11th of June is a Tuesday, not a Wednesday. The date remains correct.
You are warmly invited to the Polio Plus Society Afternoon Tea on Saturday 15 June. The details are shown above in the flyer.
A message from PDG Grant Hocking ASM 
District Rotary Foundation Chair - Rotary District 9800
Polio eradication is a real success story for Rotary. 
However there is still a lot to do and your support is required.
We have made great progress in recent years, with a new novel Polio vaccine and cases of wild polio and vaccine derived polio cases are very low.
When the task is completed, Rotary and Rotarians will be recognised for our wonderful part in eradicating Polio from the world.
When it's done, you can say you did your bit to support the End Polio program and wear your badge with pride.
Everyone is welcome to come along to this Afternoon Tea to hear about the wonderful work, progress made and what the future holds. Joining the Polio Plus Society is not essential but we would love you to join. 
It will be a great afternoon of information, degustation and celebration.
And a message from PDG Murray Verso, Zone 8 End Polio Now Coordinator:
The Polio Plus Society is a district run program, endorsed by Rotary International. It enables people to support Rotary’s historic goal of a polio free world. The program began in one district in the USA about 10 years ago and has now spread throughout the Rotary world. Members know that, after smallpox, poliomyelitis will be only the second disease to be eradicated. Thanks to the work of Jane Pennington, the District 9800 Polio Plus Society is the largest PPS in Australia. Why not come along on June 15 to learn more and to play your part in the countdown to history?
You can register here:
We would love to see you there.
Grant Hocking and Murray Verso
Keep your calendars booked for Saturday, August 10th for this event!
Please see the testimony of Mia's successful NGSE experience written by Italy's NGSE Chair.
Dear All, 

On behalf of the D2060 District I would like to express our sincere gratitude for the successful NGSE experience of our exchange student, Mia Fornasaro.
From the very beginning, it was evident that your D9800 NGSE commission, the hosting club of Melbourne Central and its coordinators were dedicated to creating a unique and memorable experience for Mia. 

Mia's words have only reinforced our understanding of the immense effort and commitment that went into ensuring the success of her internship at Napa. She felt supported and cared for from the moment she arrived, thanks to the unwavering attention of the club and her wonderful host families.
We extend our deepest appreciation to the Rc Melbourne Central, Mia's sponsoring club, for making her lifelong dream a reality. To her warm hosting families, who welcomed Mia with open arms and treated her like one of their own, and to the entire team that worked tirelessly on this project, we thank you for your exceptional contributions.
We eagerly await the arrival of your exchange student in District D2060 to reciprocate this incredible exchange experience.
Thank you once again to D9800 district and to everyone involved.
With warm regards,
Valeria Zavanone 
D2060 Italy NGSE Chair
This excellent Salvos program may interest some members. It will certainly assist young people.
We'd like to extend our invitation to each of your clubs to join the Rotary E-Club of Melbourne for a very special guest speaker, RI President-Elect Stephanie Urchik, who will be joining us on Wednesday 12th June at 9PM AEST.
Our meeting will be held on Zoom, with the details below, and also in the attached image.
Date & Time: Wednesday 12th June 2024 at 9PM AEST (Find Your Timezone) 
Zoom URL:
Meeting ID: 313 497 0027
Passcode: 970027
With the Rotary E-Club of Melbourne transitioning to the new E-Clubs Community Group made up of clubs across Zone 8, we especially wanted to emphasise both links to our new collaborators across the Zone, and our close and continuing friendship with the clubs of the Batman Cluster, which has been our home for many years, and with whom we look forward to continuing to serve.
Rotary E-Club of Melbourne (D9800)
Group Meeting
Bronwyn & Mark Stephens with Nev1
DGE Michael Lapina & PDG Bronwyn Stephens
Rhys W, John I & Rob H
Suvam G & Campbell C
Guest speakers Roy G - Chair - Rob & Tess H, Rebecca & Nev J
Houay Kang High School New Kitchen, 2013
Becky with Flower Hmong Girl
Opening of the Xieng Ngeun Library
Rob standing in front of the World of Difference and Cambodia Clean Water & Toilets
Rotary Club of Vientiane Visited