22nd  October 2019

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Maryann Liethof

Representing Polio Survivors throughout Australia

Polio Australia is a not-for-profit organisation supporting polio survivors living in Australia of which Maryann is the National Program Manager.

As the national peak body for polio survivors, Polio Australia’s purpose is to:

  • educate Australian polio survivors and their families and the community about the Late Effects of Polio (LEoP);

  • source and provide best practice information, education and training to general practitioners, medical specialists and allied health professionals to improve the diagnosis/management of the LEoP;

  • facilitate the provision of appropriate and consistent health and other support services, across all states and territories, to improve the treatment and management of the LEoP;

  • advise governments on policy development and programs in relation to the LEoP;

  • stimulate research into the LEoP;

  • assist the State Polio Networks to support polio survivors and their families, friends and carers at a local level;

  • facilitate and encourage coordination between State Polio Networks; and

  • support and promote polio immunisation programs.

Their website ( contains information about polio, the late effects of polio, the work of Polio Australia and much more.

Maryann Liethof worked as the Coordinator of Polio Network Victoria from mid 2004 to December 2009. During that time, Maryann was one of the Victorian representatives on the Management Committee of Polio Australia.

Following a small philanthropic donation and a private donation, Maryann was appointed as Polio Australia’s National Program Manager in early January 2010 on a part time basis, which increased to full time in January 2011 thanks to a 3 year donation from The Balnaves Foundation. Since that time Maryann’s contract has twice been renewed for a further 3 years through concerted fundraising efforts.

Purple Pinky Day
Some of our members participating:  Kevin, Marjorie and Bernie
Public Image & Membership Seminar
  • use the 6-step ‘storytelling’ structure that can turn any anecdote into a powerful moral tale
  • use props, trigger phrases, powerful openings, statistics and other clever devices to tell compelling stories that makes people hang off your every word
  • create a ‘library’ of useful stories that can be repurposed, adapted and amended to suit multiple purposes and audiences
  • deliver the stories using pace, rhythm, tone and stage craft that will emotionally impact the audience and increase your influence
  • tell a compelling story that cuts through the ‘reasoning’ brain and connects with the ‘emotional’ brain
In this presentation, Bernadette provides delegates with the templates, structures, tips and techniques that will help them become consummate storytellers.   She reveals the Heroes Journey process that underpins all the top Hollywood blockbuster movies and shows how Rotarians can use the same structure to tell Rotary stories that connect.
This is just a sample - so much more to help you and your Club to make that impact
Join Us:-
Date:      Saturday 9 November
Time:     10 am to 2:30 pm
Venue:    Derrimut Heath Campus
             Baden Powell College
    Sycamore Street,  
    Hoppers Crossing
Bookings: Kerry Kornhauser
27th Rotary Foundation Paul Harris Breakfast

27th Rotary Foundation Paul Harris Breakfast

Dr Andrew Browning

Maternal health care in Africa- an Australian intervention

Dr Andrew Browning spent 17 years living with his family in Ethiopia and Tanzania amongst some of the poorest people in the world.

He specialises in treating a devastating birth injury called obstetric fistula. This results from women giving birth at home, without medical help. In labour for four or five days they deliver a stillborn child and the tissues in their pelvis are destroyed, leaving them with large holes (fistula) to their bladder and bowel. Leaking continually they are shunned, depressed and suicidal.

Andrew is one of only a handful of surgeons in the world who have dedicated their lives to helping treat and prevent this. His charity has now built three maternity hospitals in Africa and aims to build many more.

All funds raised will be used to support Rotary Foundation projects that make lives better in your community and around the world

  • The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International has received 12 consecutive 4-star ratings, the top rating, from Charity Navigator as at January 2019.
  • Charity Navigator also rates The Rotary Foundation as Number One in their list of the 10 of the Best Charities Everyone's Heard Of.
  • It also received an A+ from Charity Watch its highest rating in 2017 (the most recent rating).
  • The Association of American Fundraising Professionals named The Rotary Foundation as the outstanding Foundation for 2016.

We look forward to welcoming all Rotarians, partners, friends and colleagues to this special event



When: Thursday, 21st November 2019

Where: The RACV City Club, Level 17, 501 Bourke Street, Melbourne

Tickets: $70.00 per head or $650 for a table of ten (incl. GST)

RSVP: 7th November 2019

Time: 7.15 for 7.30 till 9.00am

Download flyer


Email: • 0419 302 109


A new Rotary year and suddenly the first Bunnings sausage sizzle at Port Melbourne was successfully completed on Friday 12th July.

If you are able to help on any of the future dates listed below, could you please email me at indicating your preference for morning, lunchtime or afternoon?  We'll run from shortly after 8am to 4.

Remaining dates for Port Melbourne this calendar year are:

Friday 30th August

Friday 1st November

Friday 15th November

Sunday 22nd December

MEETING REPORT  22nd October

Meeting Report, October 22 2019
Chair -  John Ilott; Reporter Tony Thomas
Visiting Rotarians, John Wall (President Melb. South RC); Justine Murphy (via-Blue Mountains). Guests – Jemima Streader, NYSF ; Maria Artusa wife of Francesco Fedele; Gabriella Ammendola; Robyn Seale, Nethmi Jayakody (sister-in-law of speaker Gihan).
# Doug Robertson thanked members for their support for Pam in past six months illness. She has made a clear recovery after chemo.
# Peter Duras thanked members for tips on charity groups as recipients of the large donation of childrens’ footwear. Further tips are sought.
National Youth Science Forum: Elias Lebbos introduced Jemima Streader from Year 11, University High, National Youth Science Forum candidate. She is studying English, two maths, Latin and extended investigations (choose your own research). She seeks a chemistry/science career and would love to get to NYSF to learn more about how the world works and new career paths.
Induction: Francesco Fedele was inducted to acclamation, and his wife Maria welcomed. They have 5 adult children between them and have begun enjoying empty nesting and touring Victoria’s farmers’ markets. His Italian heritage leans him to food, cooking, wine and Alfa Romeos. In late summer the family gathers to bottle San Marzano tomatoes for Passata sauce for the rest of the year.  They also hunt down the best Swan Hill grapes for wine pressing with his father-in-law Tony. His career began as an Encyclopaedia Britannica salesman but he lacked aptitude and the sets were heavy to carry door to door. He rose to electronics engineering (RMIT) and then IT and investigations into IT misuse, where he won the nickname Inspector Gadget. He’s now an executive coach for emerging leaders as individuals or teams. His volunteering work led to his interest in Rotary. Welcome, Francisco.
Guest Speaker – Dr Gihan Jayaweera, “Health Ninja Challenges”
Gihan began with his upbringing in war-torn Sri Lanka. His mother and father would travel in separate buses with some kids each, lest a bomb destroy the whole family. He’s now a Frankston GP of one month’s duration so far, and gets up early to work on his project to bring healthier living to Australia’s   schoolkids. Heart disease, cancer, diabetes and strokes will claim many kids when they age but healthy practices cut the risk. For example, only 2.5% of kids eat proper amounts of fruit and veges, and 10% meet targets for 60 minutes vigorous activity and 2 hours max. screen time daily. 26% of kids are obese or overweight. Kids as a whole may even have shorter life expectancy than their parents as a result.
Gihan’s big point is that 4gm of sugar content in processed foods equals 1 teaspoon so everyone should do the conversion from food labels.  One can of Coke = 10 teaspoons of sugar and one large McDonalds choc milkshake is 17 teaspoons of sugar.
His Ninja Health Licence lets kids tally points for good daily health habits, with individual and class challenges. Kids enjoy the contest, including Pillar 5 – happiness – which Gihan says can be learned rather than just received. He has reached 880 Ninjas so far and aims for 2.2m by his 50th birthday in 21 years. Neville 1 suggested he create an app to speed dissemination.
A great talk thanks Gihan. 

Breakfast Meeting Photos


 Induction of  Francesco Fedele

Therese R, Justine Murphy & Tony T

Robyn Seale & granddaughter


Guest speaker Dr Gihan Jayaweera

 Maria & Francesco Fedele


Allan D, Justine Murphy & Nev 


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Maternal health care in Africa- an Australian intervention
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