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Heather Ellis – Author.
 "Ubuntu and Beyond"
Heather Ellis is the author of Ubuntu: One Woman’s Motorcycle Odyssey Across Africa, a memoir about a life-changing adventure into the soul of Africa where she finds Ubuntu—  a traditional Bantu word that means ‘I am because we are’. It is the universal bond that connects all of humanity as one.
Ubuntu details Heather's epic journey over 15 months and 19 countries riding 42,000 kilometres on a Yamaha TT600 off-road motorcycle from South to North Africa during 1993 to 1994. While her memoir is a journey filled with 'survival-against-the-odds' adventures, it also unfolds as a deeply spiritual journey of personal growth that resonates with all who read Ubuntu.
Heather is an Australian author, journalist, public speaker and motorcycle road safety advocate. She also rode her Yamaha TT600 from London, where she worked as a motorcycle courier, to Vietnam via Central Asia on the 'Silk Road' from 1993 to 1997.  Heather has worked as a radiation safety technician, a journalist for News Ltd and in communications for the NGO, Plan International. She lives in the Yarra Valley near Melbourne with her three children, and still rides motorcycles.

Heather is also a professional public speaker on sexual health and HIV with the Living Positive Victoria Speakers’ Bureau.
Tom will be presenting our next Silk/Miller scholarship awardee to members at next Tuesday's meeting. 
Coincidentally, last week, Mary and friends were walking in Kings Park and Mary stopped at the Victoria Police memorial for officers who have been killed in service.
These photos were kindly provided by Mary.
Referring to the memorial and Mary's interest, President elect Neville has added the following from his personal involvement with Police Legacy.
"It is a very special place.  For your interest with the relationship we have with Victoria Police Legacy, an annual event that has been growing by the year is the Wall to Wall ride.  Thousands of motorcyclists of police, families, friends and others congregate at the respective memorials in each state and territory for a memorial service to their fallen. 
Each jurisdiction has a baton that is presented to a selected young legatee from the respective Commissioners and they convey it in a motorcycle run to Canberra.  The event culminates with them all converging on the Federal Police memorial in Canberra for a final service and laying of the batons by the legatees. 
I have been a couple of times, when I was on the Board of Legacy, not as a motorcyclist but to transport the sole parent of the young Victorian Legatee.  It is always a very moving event and one I would love RCM to look at how we could support in a growing partnership with Police Legacy."  
Last month Cecily Neil and Rob Hines travelled to Luang Prabang in Laos to inspect the progress of the club’s project to redevelop the primary school in the village of Ban Heuthan.  While there they also took the opportunity to check up on Nonh, the young boy who had been suffering from Meningoencephalocele ('MEC') that Roy Garrett spotted in the village of one of our earlier school projects.
There will be reports in greater detail from our International Team later but in the meantime here are some photos to keep us in touch with our Luang Prabang project.
Any members wishing to learn more of the Nonh story please click on 'READ MORE' below. 
Our boy in Nonh, possibly the first person from Northern Laos to undergo the operation for 'MEC'.  
Photos have been sent to Dr Jim Gollogly in Phnom Penh to seek his opinion on the potential for facial reconstructive surgery. Watch this space.
Good handwashing technique demonstrations with children of Huay Tan Village. Often construction of a toilet block and wash basins is not enough. Promotion of good hygiene, proper use of the toilet, and the skills needed for the operation and maintenance of the facilities can enhance the sustainability of the structure and the positive impact of its provision.
Our team in Luang Parbang.
Nonh's father, Somnuek our principal contact in Laos, Nonh plus Cecily and Rob
Rotary Central Melbourne, in association with the RC Rabindra Sarobar and RC Calcutta Metropolitan of District 3291 successfully completed a project to extend financial support to 25 underprivileged boys and girls. 
The students had passed their school leaving exams under the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education but were unable to pursue further studies as their parents had a criminal background and they did not have the financial means to support further studies.
Funds raised by Rotary Central Melbourne, $2,500, were complemented by a District 9800 grant of $750.
Photo; The final distribution of  scholarships, handed out last week. Cheques of Rs.4500/-each were distributed to 25 students at Howrah City Police office by the Deputy Commissioner Ms. Bhavna Gupta.
Snippet;  Rob has advised  "The itinerary for the club trip to India in January is taking shape. The plan is to arrive in Calcutta on the 10th of January and attend the  District 3291 conference. From there we will travel to Varanasi, Agra, Jaipur and New Delhi. We have expressions of interest from a total of 14 members and partners."
The very successful Bunnings BBQ's are adding much sizzle to our fund raising. 
Our reputation for reliability is now paying dividends and we are being offered further dates.
The dates and venues of the upcoming BBQs planned at present are;
  • Saturday June 2 at Bunnings Collingwood 
  • Friday July 6, Bunnings Port Melbourne
  • Sunday September 30, Bunnings Port Melbourne 
  • Friday 14th December, Bunnings Port Melbourne
There is a strong possibility there will be more opportunities -
We are looking for volunteers who can do a 3 - 4 hour shift, between 8 am and 4 pm, usually during a weekend. No prior training is required. 
Please call Peter Duras [0413 599 121] and discuss your preferences for time of day and your availability for future BBQ's.
Our Charter President Terry Cocks OAM celebrates his 92nd birthday this week
Dianne Shay, Senior Manager Payments Industry at NAB
"New Payments Platform, What it Means for Businesses & Consumers."
Dianne discussed the outcome of talks between major financial institutions as to how the local payment systems can be improved.
In February 2018 a New Payments Platform [‘NPP’] was released by 13 financial institutions, with the potential for smaller institutions to link into it through these larger organisations.  The NPP is accessible for any financial system to join.
Under NPP it is no longer necessary to provide your BSB numbers, clients create their own ‘PayID’  which becomes the address for receipt of payments.This new process has a number of key advantages which address the current divide between the way of serving customers and the way of getting paid by customers:
  1. speed – using this process, payment can be received into an account in less than a minute. This means it is possible to have the money before handing over the goods;
  2. availability – the process works 24/7. This can change the way small businesses and markets operate since they will no longer need to have cash on hand, or merchant facilities.
  3. The system is data rich – a lot more information can be attached to the payment, and
  4. the process provides a simpler way to address payment.
It is recognised that payees may want to stay with credit cards, while payment recipients may want to use the PayID. However, the two systems can run in parallel. NPP will be more useful for the supply chain type of payment rather than merchant payments.
Australia is the 38th country to put in a fast system, but the only one to have a process that involves immediate payment.
Garden DesignFest has been our largest fund raiser in recent years.
Here is an opportunity for you to help with the selection of gardens. 
Do you know, or have friends who know an architect who designs domestic houses?
Garden DesignFest 2018 is looking for new landscape designers to be part of this years’ event.  We are hoping to identify new designers not on our contact lists through architects who use landscape designers on their projects.  
Can you please ask around your friends group, at golf, the gym, wherever you can start up a conversation – you never know what you can uncover with a simple question.
All we need is the name and contact details of the architect and the introducer and we could just have another garden to show in 2018.
Melbourne metro, Mornington Peninsula, Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, Macedon areas are all in our sites – so, can you help us?
Mike McFarlane, RC Kew, contact is ready to follow up your lead.   
Roger Thornton is our club contact. 
This man keeps getting to the top. Nev2 to be President of our club from July.
Join Suzette and Neville to celebrate at Changeover night
Friday 29th June
6.45 for 7pm
Vibe Savoy Hotel, 630 Collins Street. 
It is time to book - entry by ticket,
Members wishing to attend are asked to coordinate their booking on a club basis - please contact Rob Soros 
For  more details - please click on 'READ MORE' at the foot of this page.
Visitors and Guests Welcomed
President Frank welcomed several visitors, including:

- Kate Strain, Assistant Governor, Bateman Group
- Dale Hoy, Rotary Club of Brighton, (our AG elect)
- John Oxenford, Rotary Club of Bribie Island, Queensland
- Amanda Wendt, Rotary Club of Melbourne
- Greg Harbour, Docklands Re-launch Working Committee
- Flavia Minikus, Switzerland Exchange Student
Photo: AG Kate Strain and Dale Hoy, our current AG and  our AG elect  
  • Neville Taylor reminded members of the Club’s Changeover Celebration which will take place on 29 June.
  • Bruce Heron reported that because of the clash with Mothers’ Day, the Camp Getaway working bee this weekend will start early on Saturday morning and last for the full day. There is a long list of tasks that need to be done, but it is anticipated that with effort they can be done in this time.
  • Peter Duras informed the meeting that Bunnings had offered us four more sausage sizzle opportunities. [Editor; Please see separate notice for your diary dates.] The routine for volunteers is a 3-4 hour shift at any time between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. 
  • Neville John reported that a new Docklands satellite club is proposed once 15 people have committed. The Working Committee will be meeting from June in the Docklands Library.
  • Herb Greenwood announced the cancellation of the Fund Raising Committee meeting for that morning.  The End Trachoma Used Stamp Appeal is ongoing, having raised $7,680 over the last year, and over $120,000 over the 20 years since it was started.
President Frank's Announcements.
  • There had been a good response to the orders for club polo shirts – orders were now closing.
  • The Echuca - Moama Steam Rally will take place on 9/10 June. Volunteers sought -refer to Frank please.
  • Terry Cox,  Founding President of the Club, will be turning 92 next Saturday. Happy birthday Terry.
  • Gerard will be retiring from work in the next 2 weeks.
Youth Team Report (Bernie Gerlinger)
  • Flavia, our exchange student, will be leaving on 10 July, and still has a wish list with respect to places she would like to visit.
  • Rypen – attended by 2 from Police Legacy and 3 from Princes Hill Secondary College.
  • Model UN – there is a nomination from the Princes Hill Secondary College.
  • National Youth Science Forum – there is no nomination from the Princes Hill Secondary College; the Club is sponsoring a nominee from Mac Robertson Girls Selective School.
  • The Overseas Student Hosting is continuing -  if interested in hosting a student, please contact Stuart.
Guest Speaker Presentation - Please see separate report in this Bulletin
The Swindle
A possibly little insincere wave of regret swept the room when once again the draw for the swindle was unsuccessful.
President Frank wrapped up the meeting.
Camp Getaway, our turn to undertake a working bee. A good turnout of 10 members and partners saw the eclectic task list completed including a years supply of firewood collected, split and stacked.  Attending were Sue and Peter, Leonie and Herb, Elias, Bruce, Roger, Gerard, Frank and David.
Photos below, from the working bee; 
Camp Getaway caters for those of all abilities and mobility, provides a meeting place for support groups, and offers those who need it most a sanctuary away from their daily struggles.  Whilst disability and related support groups have priority for booking dates, Camp Getaway welcomes bookings from family groups, church groups, clubs, special functions, business meetings, and recreational groups.                              .
Located in Axedale, Camp Getaway is the result of concerted fundraising by a number of Rotary clubs across Victoria.  The donations and physical efforts of these Clubs have been invaluable.  It is a continuing  project of the combined Rotary Clubs of District 9800.

Meeting Responsibilities

ZHANG, Yanpu
Project Report - Foundation
TAYLOR, Neville
Bulletin Editor
JONES, David

Upcoming Events

Rotary Echuca Moama Steam Rally
Jun 09, 2018
Bunnings BBQ
Jun 15, 2018
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Board Meeting
Jun 20, 2018
5:30 PM – 7:00 PM
31st Changeover Dinner
Vibe Savoy Hotel
Jun 29, 2018
6:45 PM – 11:15 PM
Bunnings BBQ
Jul 06, 2018
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
District Governor Official Visit
Jul 10, 2018
7:15 AM – 8:45 AM
DIK Working Bee
Woolshed 39
Jul 14, 2018
9:00 AM – 1:00 PM


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