2nd March 2021

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  • Promotion for Rotary Leadership Institute (FINAL Opportunity!)

  • Garden DesignFest 2021

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NEXT MEETING (Virtual) - TUESDAY  23rd February

As announced in previous meetings, our 2nd of March meeting will offer in-person and zoom options for members and guests to join. 

If you would like to visit our meeting, please contact us by email on or phone 0455-858-996 and request log-in details.

The meeting will commence at 7:40am and conclude no later than 8:45.

In-person registration is now closed; however, zoom registration details can be completed by following the instructions on this website:

Guest Speaker for 2nd March 2021 has no yet been finalised. Please stay tuned to the club's website and messages from the administration committee for further details.
Promotion for Rotary Leadership Institute (FINAL Opportunity)

District 9800 Learning and Development

The Rotary Leadership Institute Program presents a wonderful opportunity for experienced Rotarians, new members and indeed people interested in finding out more about Rotary to take some time to experience the history, traditions, the Rotary Foundation, current and new initiatives related to this great organisation we call Rotary and its relevance in the world today.

This four-part program is now available online.

Parts 1 & 2: Growing and strengthening clubs through developing a plan for the future of your club.

Looking at Rotary leadership through examining the styles and characteristics of great leaders.

Becoming a confident club president or another club leader through understanding the roles and responsibilities and characteristics of effective and happy teams.

Part 3: Focusing and increasing humanitarian service whilst learning more about The Avenues of Service and The Rotary Foundation.

Part 4: Enhancing public image and awareness of Rotary and sharing and promoting what we do

The next Rotary Leadership Institute will be conducted on the following dates:

Parts 1 and 2 on Sunday the 28th of February at 11am and will run for one and a half hours.

Part 3 on Sunday the 14th of March at 11am for one hour

Part 4 on Sunday the 21st of March at 11am for one and a half hours

To register you need to email Jane Pennington your name, club name, email address and postal address. There is a limit of 25 people for each program.

Editor's Note: IMPORTANT - Parts 1 & 2 will be conducted this Sunday 28th February. IF any vacancies are available, and IF Jane Pennington can accommodate you, please contact her on the email address provided. This is no guarantee - your editor is simply trying to maximise this opportunity.


Garden DesignFest is back in 2021.

Our own Roger Thornton is Chair of this year's Garden DesignFest (GDF) Organising Committee.

The event will take place in November and you can find out more about it through this link:

OR contact Roger or Anne.

Garden DesignFest 2021 - A Rotary event showcasing the work of professional garden designers.

Managed by the Rotary Clubs of Kew, Brighton North and Central Melbourne.

From the meeting
Club meeting report – 23 February 2021
President Therese Robinson opened the meeting with her acknowledgement of the traditional owners.
Chairperson Michelle Crawford proposed the toast to Rotary International
President Therese welcomed members and visiting Rotarians Teresa and Bernard from RC Echuca Moama.
Guest Speaker – PP Neville Taylor and Chair of the RCM Foundation Committee
Neville spoke about the operation of the Rotary Peace Centres and the opportunity to earn Master’s Degrees and Professional Development certificates from eight partner universities around the world. Neville has taken over from Roger Thornton in representing RCM on the District Committee.
Up to 130 Peace Fellows selected every year in a globally competitive process – 50 fellows per year into the Master’s program and 80 fellows for the Certificate program. D9800 has established an enviable record of having a Peace Fellow accepted into the Master’s program for every year of its operation. Neville also spoke about the many special people who have influenced his life – notably his former colleague Charlie Allen.
Neville’s presentation focussed on how “impact” has been achieved by Rotary Peace Builders. Applicants are typically non-Rotarians and move through a rigorous selection process sponsored by a Rotary Club. Commencing in 2002, there have been about 1400 graduates operating in about 115 countries. Applications for the 2022 program have now opened. D9800 applications close 15 May. Neville encouraged all members to refer all potential applicants to himself.
Michelle acknowledged the amazing investment by Rotary, and thanked Neville for his very detailed presentation.
Member Birthdays
Darren Park: 24th February
Steve Hallis (Hon Member) : 27th February
Partner Birthdays
Maria Fragomeni, Ignacio’s partner: 24th February
Wedding Anniversaries
Russell Rolls and Heather 24th February 1968 53 years
Roger Thornton and Pip 26th February 1971 50 years
Date Joined Rotary
Allan Driver 28th February 1996 25 years
  • Roger and Anne continue to speak with members who may be able to identify sponsors for Garden DesignFest in November 2021
  • Frank pointed out the success of the regular Sausage sizzle at Bunnings in Collingwood – this project appears to now average about $750 on the day, which can be surpassed once we obtain a "white square" to accept tap-and-go payment 
  • Frank also announced:
    • The Cruden Farm visit on 1 March – a few slots left
    • The DIK (Donations In Kind) working bee on 13 March – always an enjoyable event involving a very good cause.
    • Bernard and Teresa (RC Echuca Moama) have invited members/friends to join an event named “The sun never sets on Rotary”. This is a D3232 initiative and involves 16 RCs speaking on impactful Rotary projects around the world. RC Echuca Moama will be speaking on the GSE and NYSE at 7.00 pm tomorrow (after KL in Malaysia and before Turkey). Call Frank if you’d like the link.
  • David Laurie announced that he will be appearing on “The Chase” this Thursday at 5.00 pm on channel 7.
Pocket Positive – Mary Voice
 Mary spoke about a number of positives that have occurred recently, notably:
  • The 75-year anniversary of the first supercomputer (ENIAC) at the University of Pennsylvania, and used initially to generate artillery firing tables
  • The Perseverance rover landed on Mars this week – stunning footage now being released
  • Flocks of sentinel chickens have been deployed around Australia as an advance warning system to detect mosquito-borne Murray Valley Encephalitis and Ross River fever
  • “The eagle has flown” YouTube video about the five-hour flight of an endangered Tasmanian eagle tracked around Tasmania.
Inquisition with Brett Jones
Rana Ebrahimi grew up in South East Iran and lived in Tehran.
Her parents moved to the US to study, and on their return to Iran were caught up in the Iranian revolution – her Mum and Dad lost their property and jobs during the revolution, and her Dad was also arbitrarily removed from his role as a local Mayor. They were prevented from applying for any government job. After the revolution, Rana attended university where she studied archaeology and German but was strongly encouraged by her Dad to leave Iran and go to the US: “it was just like Iran but more chaotic”. She quickly decided that she didn’t particularly like studying German, and ultimately studied English Literature.
She commenced working with the UN with a focus on “disaster reconstruction”, and then moved to the field of “refugees” in 2012. Iran had just opened its borders to about 3 million Afghan refugees - the Iranian government was largely supportive of this cohort although only about half were subsequently recognised as refugees under the Refugee Convention.
Rana decided to migrate to either Canada or Australia and was ultimately guided by the weather! She was challenged by our accent and liberal use of figures of speech, as well as the different calendar and currency. And the seasons were back to front. She was encouraged by several people to join Rotary. She checked for her closest RC and was invited to a meeting. Even though she isn’t a “morning person” she felt immediately at home and was subsequently invited to join RCM. She was married the same year, and her wedding was attended by Neville John (who “gave the bride away”), David and Frank.
Brett drew on his mother’s wisdom by describing Rana as having “great capability and wonderful qualities of character”.
President’s Announcements
  • Noted the opportunities offered by Rotary and the opportunity to feel welcome in Rotary
  • Recommended the DIK (Donations In Kind) working bee to have a fun morning and make a real differencee
  • Spoke about the Cruden Farm visit - an enjoyable day with the opportunity to get to know other people in the club.
  • Upcoming events such as the International Women’s Day functions (for details and registration see, and multi district conference
  • Fundraising not holding up – given the circumstances
  • This year’s club change-over will be on 25 June at the Amora Hotel Riverwalk  in Richmond
  • Face to face meeting on 2 March is planned. Need to book three business days in advance. Cost of Zoom meetings is under discussion by the board and will be raised to cover the cost of technology required to facilitate live-streaming. Alan Driver announced that the 2 March meeting was proceeding as a hybrid meeting. The cost of the Zoom meeting ($10) is purely about cost recovery. Registration of attendance by Zoom is also required. (Please note: zoom registration for 2nd March is $0.00)
  • 100-year anniversary of Rotary occurs in April – Batman cluster wants to speak about activities and the opportunities to connect.
Thanks to all for attending and remember that Rotary opens up opportunities. 
Fundraising during Lockdown
Voluntary contributions
To everyone that’s made or intends to make a donations towards club projects, thank you!
If you are in a position to make a donation or even a series of weekly donations then please arrange to transfer those funds to the club bank account with the reference “Donation”.
Bank Account Details:
BSB 033-000
Account number: 791085
Thank you for your support!
Rob Hines
Director, Fundraising

Neville Taylor, Guest Speaker


At the meeting - the gang's all here (well, some of us), plus our guests Teresa and Bernard from RC Echuca Moama


Inquisitee - Rana Ebrahimi


International Women's Day promo

Garden DesignFest 2021 - A Rotary event showcasing the work of professional garden designers
Managed by the Rotary Clubs of Kew, Brighton North and Central Melbourne

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