11th June 2019

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President-Elect Warwick Cavell

"Kick-Start" 2019-2020

Come along and be an integral part of the planning process for the next Rotary year.


The International Services Team has organised another “working bee” at Rotary’s Donations-in-Kind warehouse for the morning of Saturday 22nd June. Please keep this morning free in your diary. This is an ongoing activity and a really "feel good" activity of our club. If you haven't been to DIK before, it is a massive hive of activity and a real eye opener as to Rotary at work for the local and international communities.  


Where : Store 39, 400 Somerville Road, West Footscray

(Parking inside the complex, along side store)

When : Saturday 22nd June,  8.45am - 12.30  

Club contact is Russell Rolls




Please RSVP by 14th June and contact Marjorie Gerlinger if you intend to pay via Credit Card or Direct Deposit.


Our major fundraiser, Garden DesignFest, will next be held over the last two weekends in November 2020.  Planning for this event has already commenced.  As in previous years, the GDF Organizing Committee will comprise two members from each of the three Rotary clubs involved – Kew, Brighton North and Central Melbourne – plus a Chairman.

I have been selected as Chairman and am now seeking two club members to represent Central Melbourne. As you can see from the attached chart, the three Rotary clubs have different responsibilities. Ours, in blue, include the position of Secretary plus advertising, sponsorship and responsibility for some of the regional gardens.  Can you help? Over the next year, the workload will not be particularly onerous; things will crank up in the second half of 2020.  Both Rob Hines and Campbell Chambers are available to provide support based on their previous experience.

Central Melbourne needs to provide two committee members. If you have the time, interest and skill set, please let me know. I can promise you an interesting and rewarding 18 months.

Please contact me at if you need more information.




Robyn and I have just left the Rotary International Convention in Hamburg having had a thoroughly enjoyable and stimulating time.  Of particular interest was the honorable mention our club received in the Youth Exchange sessions and social events for our sponsorship of Hannah Weigl, Raphael Wong and James Young as participants in the New Generations Service Exchange program.  All three performed beautifully at the House of Friendship, the Youth Exchange Banquet and a social evening at the Hamburger and Germanic Rowing Club.  We also met Lotta Rink, our next inbound participant whom we should see in Melbourne next February. 

The Convention was of course a huge event with around 27,000 participants.  There was heavy focus on Polio Eradication and Rotoract/Interact.  We were able to establish some valuable contacts regarding NGSE and our proposed VTT venture in PNG.  More about that later.

Finally we caught up with Flavia Minikus’s parents for a wonderful seafood lunch. 

Now off to Latvia!  See you at Changeover.


Chair Malcolm Fielden opened the meeting with a toast to Rotary International.

David Jones again stood in for Gerard and with his humour, left members positively reeling!


  • Russell Rolls confirmed that the DIK Working Bee date is Saturday 22nd June and fast approaching.  Volunteers should advise him if available.

  • President-Elect Warwick asked that members who had not yet responded to his request for their Committee preferences to enter details on the forms available on the tables and leave with him at the end of the meeting.

  • President Neville’s announcements followed:

    • Rob Hines had reported that the deep tube water project in conjunction with sister club RC Rabindra Sarobar as well as RC Calcutta Metropolitan was now delivering clean water.  Our Club can rightfully be proud of this achievement.

    • Any members who wished to attend the District Changeover to DGE Grant Hocking on Sunday 30th June, should advise President Neville. A table from our Club is being put together.

    • Congratulations to Stuart Cardell who is taking on the role of District Chair – Youth Programs for the year ahead.

    • Well done to two members, Therese Robinson and Rohan Williams who had completed the Rotary Leadership Institute program conducted over two weekends.

Guest Speakers: Darren Benfell, Managing Director Textured Concept Foods and Lisa Sossen, Nutritionist and Dietician.

Lisa commenced the presentation, highlighting through illustrations, the unappealing food that is often served in Aged Care Homes.  This often results from their attempts to address the needs of elderly people suffering from dysphagia – a difficulty in swallowing.  Some 50-70% of people in aged care have difficulty in chewing and swallowing.  This can lead to some suffering from malnutrition.

Darren, a qualified chief who started working in aged care was appalled at the quality of meals being served. Early in 2012, Darren and Lisa worked together to trial textured modified meals in an aged care home.  The results were startling as consumption of food increased and the residents emerged from their rooms and enjoyed their meals.  The meals were higher in nutritional value as well; more benefit to the resident from eating the same quantity of food.

The company, Textured Concept Foods started operations in September 2012 in a converted fish and chip shop. The objective was and remains to allow clients to “dine with dignity”. The company produces textured food which is molded and frozen in packs. The molded food looks real. Consumers find it nutritional and tasty. Club members attending the meeting saw first-hand, frozen packs of items such as pork chops, green beans, pumpkin segments and deserts.

Meals from TCF cost around $10 per person per day whilst aged care homes generally budget for $7 - $7-50. The company has expanded, moving in 2017 to a larger 840 square metre premises, which was specifically designed to meet their growing requirements.

The company was a finalist in the 2017 Telstra Business Awards and named in the Top 50 Food Innovators 2017.  The presentation highlighted the passion, risk taking and entrepreneurial flair evident in this small business and why small business is so critical to Australia’s economy.

After the usual presentations, President-Elect Warwick mentioned that in order to "kick start" the new year, next week's meeting will be devoted to planning, replacing the traditional Sunday planning workshop. President Neville then closed the meeting.


Photos from our Breakfast Meeting

President Neville Taylor

Chair Malcolm Fielden


Guest Speaker Lisa Sossen

Guest Speaker Darren Benfell




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