13th October 2020 


  • Meeting Report September 6th

  • A Very Happy Recipient of Caprice's Generous Donation 

  • Trivia Night Reports

  • Fundraising During Lockdown

  • Shine On Awards


NEXT MEETING (virtual) - TUESDAY  13th October

Ben Vasiliou: Helping young people to be the best they can be

Ben was named by Pro Bono Australia as one of the top 25 most influential and inspiring people in the social economy in 2020 and was also awarded the judges’ choice award of Innovator of the year. As a passionate advocate for the most vulnerable Australians, Ben is committed to driving significant reform to ensure everyone has the opportunity to be the best they can be.

Ben is a fearless young leader who his driving real change for vulnerable Australians. He has dedicated his life to community service. Ben became CEO of Youth Projects in 2017, leading the way in prevention and early intervention for young people, giving them the opportunities to be the best they can be! This is coupled with building pathways out of poverty for all people experiencing homelessness.

Ben has been instrumental in creating an industry-leading outcomes framework that has seen engagement grow to over to 50,000 contacts and support delivered annually, to the most vulnerable people experiencing homeless and young people in need. Ben’s innovative thinking and contemporary approach to leadership has enabled the launch of new outreach programs, employment support and extended health services, all of which are changing and saving lives every day.

Youth Projects is an independent charity that provides critical and unique front line support to vulnerable people experiencing disadvantage, unemployment, homelessness, alcohol and other drug issues. They deliver primary health services, AOD counselling, youth employment & skills development programs, night nursing on the streets of Melbourne's CBD, unique drug safety programs and a wonderful social enterprise.

Meeting Report October 6th
Rotary Central Melbourne
Zoom meeting, Tuesday 06th October 2020.
Chair:        Allan Driver
Reporter:    Rajesh Chawla
        43 members present.
President Therese opened the meeting with acknowledgement of the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which we meet.
Allan proposed the toast to Rotary International.
Therese welcomed visitors: Bernard Marchingo, Bernett ( RC Echuca/Moama), Dr Marli Watt, and mentees of the RCM Pilot International Student Mentor Program Satya (mentored by Francesco Fedele).
Guest Speaker Presentation:
Adele le Roux (RCM member). 
“My experience since joining Rotary Central Melbourne”
After introduction by Allan, Adele who works in the recruitment industry spoke about the impact of Covid 19 on the industry and job market. Key findings include a drop of 67% of business for the industry across Australia and 72% in Victoria during April/May. She spoke about her challenges she is facing including potential hirers and how employers are adapting to the new challenges in providing safe and secure environment to their employees. Obviously, the most impacted industries include hospitality and travel.
Key impact includes, recruitments being put on hold, hours of staff being reduced etc. She believes the recovery on employment front will be slow and there would be fundamental changes to the way businesses employ staff and their working environment. Employers are looking for skilled pool and location is becoming less relevant than pre-Covid days. Hence, the recruitment process will change from face to face interviews etc. to more digital and technology driven processes. Hence, businesses would need to be smart to reach out to the skilled pool sooner than their competitors as candidates will have more choices and work life balances will play a lot larger role for people whilst choosing employment especially in certain industries/roles such as IT.
As the economy re-opens, employers would need to be on forefront and get their employment strategies right as working from home, work life balance, work location become more relevant factors and recruitment agencies would have an important role to play between the employer and employee on recruitment front. Adele finished with a thank you to all.
Allan opened the floor for questions and after the questions, Allan thanked Adele.
⦁ Birthdays were announced and there was no wedding anniversary.
  • John Elliot referred to the forthcoming Trivia evening on Zoom, Thursday 08th October.  
Rob Hines spoke about the fund raisers
  • Raffle draw is open for this month and encouraged members to buy tickets.
  • Allan Seale has crafted outdoor chairs ‘Craftsman in Wood” with Covid Chairs and requested Allan to provide a brief detail. Allan explained how he got into making outdoor chairs for family and thought would be a great idea. These chairs would cost $275 each with $200 going to RCM.
  • Rohan Williams spoke about next week’s Guest speaker in “Ben Vasiliou”.
  • Nev 2 thanked Allan Seale and spoke about Grant Hocking and how Rotary Foundation helps around the world with forthcoming ‘Rotary Foundation Month” in November.
  • Frank O’Brien spoke about Cooking Dumplings via Zoom last Saturday with Echuca Moama Club.
Pocket Positive:
Mary spoke about the “Bengali Cooling with Puja Ganguli” night last Wednesday was such a success and fund with delicious food. She shared photos from the night.
She shared photo of Melissa’s birthday with goodies sent by the club.
Brett Jones spoke about Paul Fowler and his story of life. Paul who grew up Texas, USA and completed his studies at University of Virginia at US Naval Academy. Went on work in submarines and later completed his MBA and worked at BP and moved around the world. He changed his career by taking a challenging assignment in New Zealand managing Forests for a very large company. He took a year break building a Winery before moving to Melbourne to help a friend rescuing a company doing under. His next move to London for two years and then back to Melbourne where he has stayed since. Very interesting story with moves and career changes as he now enjoys being part of RCM on mentoring side with police department here in Melbourne.  
President Therese thanked all in closing the meeting including announcing next week’s speaker. She acknowledged challenges of Zoom meeting and hoping this is short term only and we will be back to face to face meeting in some form soon.
Meeting Closed. 
A Very Happy Recipient of Caprice's Generous Donation




















You may recall me sharing a 'Pocket Positive' at one of our breakfast meetings in September where Rotary connected, on several counts:

  •  Past members Dianne Holbery and Mick Wells.

  •  Our stash of products from Caprice, kindly housed by Sue and Peter Duras.

  •  Allan Driver spotting a difficulty and bridging a gap to keep all within the 5km rule.

  •  A community service.

It centred on Dianne's sister, Melissa, a Downs Syndrome person who was soon to be 50 years of age.  This was a milestone she had been looking forward to and Melissa was planning a large and very happy celebration.  Regretfully, Covid regulations put paid to any party.

Dianne made it known amongst friends and sought their help 'make Melissa's day'.  It was also mentioned that Melissa especially enjoyed anything with a Micky Mouse theme.

The upshot was that we gathered a tidy bunch of Micky and Minnie useful products from our Caprice stash and these were couriered to Melissa for her party on Monday 28th September. 

Trivia Night Report
Triumph for Trivia Queen
Anne King squeaked in to win last Thursday’s RCM Trivia Challenge run by John Ilott. This was her second win following her earlier triumph in Paul Fraser’s quiz.
Investigations have established her modus operandi, as follows: She is the eldest of five siblings, all the others being young males. She is analogous to the matriarch who controls and guides an elephant herd. We believe this particular herd runs weekly family trivia nights and it is a fair bet that they are familiar with many standard trivia questions like groups of unicorns being knows as “blessings” of unicorns. That’s Anne’s cruel advantage over Trivia amateurs. An obvious solution is to handicap her in future club trivia nights. Anne however counters that she is a solo player competing against the combined brainpower of many couples, who themselves should be handicapped.
Anne got 22 out of 56, which will look good on her CV,  followed by ex-school marm Alison Besselaar from Bearbrass on 21 and Rob Hines + Tessa on 20. Anne’s valuable first prize was an autographed copy of Tony Thomas’s latest book of essays.
Thursday’s tally was seven from RCM, five from Bearbrass, three from Sunrise Probus and two miscellaneous.
Anne will be setting questions for RCM’s next Trivia Night 5.30pm on Thursday 22 October. This should be an intellectual feast.
Fundraising during Lockdown

RCM Monthly Raffle

Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets in the first monthly raffle, we raised over $500 for the Social Enterprise Café at the Royal Alfred Hospital.

The second monthly raffle will open after the meeting of September 29.

As October is Rotary’s “End Polio” month all funds raised will go towards this great cause.

Please follow this link to purchase your tickets:

Tickets are $5 each or 3 for $10 or 6 for $20

The 1st prize is a $100 gift voucher for either Woolworths/Dan Murphy’s or Bunnings, your choice.

2nd prize is a $50 Woolworths voucher.

Ticket sales will close at Midday on Friday October 23 and the draw will take place during the Club meeting on Tuesday October 27.

Voluntary contributions
To everyone that’s made or intends to make a donations towards club projects, thank you!
If you are in a position to make a donation or even a series of weekly donations then please arrange to transfer those funds to the club bank account with the reference “Donation”.
Bank Account Details:
BSB 033-000
Account number: 791085
Thank you for your support!
Rob Hines
Director, Fundraising

Shine On Awards

Rotary’s Southern District ‘Shine On’ recognition program is an outstanding annual recognition program, acknowledging exceptional service by people with disability to their local and wider community.

The Southern Districts covers five districts, including our own District 9800.

  • Do you know of somebody with a disability who provides outstanding support to others with disability?

  • Are they a community leader or involved in a community group?

  • Do you have a relationship with a local organization that supports people with disability who may want to nominate somebody for Shine On?

Well it is time to get to it and reach out to your local community and identify people with a disability, who are worthy of a Shine On Certificate of Commendation. 

To be eligible, nominees should:

  • Demonstrate the active involvement of the nominee in community service for the benefit of others and have demonstrated a significant level of personal achievement whilst managing a specific medical disorder/disability, and

  • Be endorsed by your Rotary Club.

Examples of personal achievement may include:

  • Leadership and/or mentoring of others with the disability

  • Membership and/or leadership in community groups

  • Service to the community and/or a history of community achievement

  • Other special awards or forms of recognition

Nominations may be made by anybody in the community, and are open to people aged over 15 years.

If you know of anyone you feel is worthy of recognition please contact Rebecca John before the end of November.


Meeting Photos

Chair, Allan Driver
Guest Dr Mali Watt
Guest speaker Adele le Roux
  Bernard Spry, Pres. RC E-M
Mentee Satya

Meeting Responsibilities

DURAS, Peter
Greeter/Zoom Host
ELLIS AM, Stuart
JONES, David
Bulletin Editor
Social Media
LIM, Daniel

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Nov 18, 2020
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Nov 24, 2020
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Dec 16, 2020
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Rotary Central Melbourne Mentoring Academy
Oct 27, 2020 7:40 AM
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Nov 03, 2020 7:40 AM
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