13th August 2019

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Michael Luddeni – Chair of TLC for Kids

"TLC for Kids partnership with Ambulance Victoria"


TLC for Kids have been working behind the scenes since 1998 to provide unique programs to give practical, emotional and distractional support to sick children and their families. 

Thanks to a partnership between TLC for Kids and Ambulance Victoria, the TLC Ambulance will be delivering special moments to children in palliative care by transporting them to wherever they wish for the day.

For terminally ill children, the chance to visit a treasured spot is a final opportunity to experience a true sense of joy and create a beautiful memory. The TLC Ambulance is committed to helping this become a reality for as many kids as they can.


Suvam Ganguli is organising a social dinner on Saturday 10th August 2019 to kick start the social calendar for the Rotary year 2019-20. 

Club members have been allocated to a region depending on where they reside and we have appointed a champion for each region to to book a restaurant for the Saturday 10th August for a big group, and send out an email to all the members assigned to their region to confirm attendance. Once the champions have the final numbers they can then confirm the numbers with the restaurant. If there is not enough interest among members in a particular region then we can look to merge regions. 


Alan Seale - City

Suvam Ganguli - North

Nick Clift - West

Campbell Chambers - East

Neville Taylor - South East

Rob Hines - Bayside


A new Rotary year and suddenly the first Bunnings sausage sizzle at Port Melbourne was successfully completed on Friday 12th July.

If you are able to help on any of the future dates listed below, could you please email me at indicating your preference for morning, lunchtime or afternoon?  We'll run from shortly after 8am to 4.

Remaining dates for Port Melbourne this calendar year are:

Friday 30th August

Friday 1st November

Friday 15th November

Sunday 22nd December


RCM Breakfast Report: 6 August 2019
Chair: Tom Callander opened the meeting making a toast to Rotary International to celebrate local communities and global actions.
There were no visiting Rotarians [other than the guest speaker, Dorothy Gilmour] and no visitors.
Vale Anne Christine [Annie] Garrett
A service of Thanksgiving for the Life of Annie [4 December 1946-23 July 2019] was held on 2 August 2019 at St Peter’s Church Eastern Hill where a memorable service, including quiet reflections, was held. Eulogies were delivered by Roy Garrett, their daughters, Emma McKenzie and Penny Barnes as well as Michael Garrett. Annie’s nine grandchildren provided their own memories and reflections on her life. Annie touched people from all walks of life and Rotary Club members and partners were privileged to have known her.
Herb Greenwood mentioned that, as RCM normally has a full calendar, it is important to state whether a particular event is a social one or a fundraising one. Gerard Hogan will be coordinating these events.
Almoners Allan Driver and Rebecca John indicated that it was wonderful that our friend and member, Roy Garrett, was attending breakfast this morning. It was also a demonstration of our support for Roy that over 20 members and partners attended the funeral of Annie Garrett last Friday.
Mention was made that Koren Harvey was home after giving birth to a boy, Angus Haughton Harvey Batty, a few days ago. All doing well.
Unfortunately, Therese Robinson’s father passed away last week and his funeral was held in Cobden today.
Further, Bernie and Marjorie Gerlinger have settled in the Gold Coast with Bernie receiving the results of his recent treatment being positive in his cancer has not spread-he will be receiving fortnightly immunotherapy treatment over the next 12 months.
President’s Announcements
President Warwick reminded members that the RCM homepage, the Bulletin can be accessed publicly and some privacy issues may arise. Members concerned about their names and/or photos appearing should contact the Bulletin Editor.
He also indicated that the D9800 Conference in 2020 will be held in Bendigo on 27-29 March and bookings are open.
President Warwick also highlighted the 2020 RI Convention to be held in Hawaii from June 6-10 in District 5000.
The Inquisition
This is a new initiative by Brett Jones to have members make themselves known to other members.
The first person in the hot seat was David Jones.
Grew up? In Wairoa in the North Island NZ. A farming area. His father was an accountant in town.
Area? Rural area. Not a lot of opportunities but was able to join a bank after leaving school ate 15 and worked in banking for 40 years.
Moved? To Australia [Sydney] in 1969 and stayed for 4 years.
Moved again? To Melbourne 12 years ago and found Rotary.
Five objects in life [bearing in mind that he has a holiday house-batch in the NZ South Island]? 4WD ATV, Chainsaw, Log splitter, mulcher and dinghy.
Great day? Any day at the batch.
Guest Speaker
Dorothy Gilmour [her CV is on the website]
She commenced her presentation emphasising that two issues would be discussed. Firstly, Rotary 100 Year celebrations and, secondly, Family Violence.
For the first issue, Dorothy raised the question “If your friend was going to celebrate 100 years, would you be available in 2021”?  She stressed the need to create projects to take Rotary and its members into the next 100 years. The centenary in April 2021 will encourage the 1374 clubs in 27 Districts to deliver suitable projects.
A video was shown to support this concept.
Mention was made that, as part of the International Peace Movement, RCs are working with schools, water and health projects, children through Making A Difference.
Achievements so far include projects in Melbourne, Sydney, Wellington and Auckland with projects such as, Immunisation of school children in Fiji, End Trachoma with Monash University using a water trailer to promote hygiene in the outback using face washers and mirrors in schools and Hepatitis Awareness project in Melbourne.
Other projects planned, together with the use of multi media and social media channels, include planting trees in NZ, a baton relay in each District, 100 Peace Poles in Canberra, friendship exchanges and a gala event on April 21 in 2021.
RCM is being requested to develop an event for 2021 but starting now.
On the second issue, Family Violence, Dorothy revealed the shocking statistics in that every week a woman is murdered by her partner or ex-partner which means police are called to situations regularly. police are called to a domestic violence incident every two minutes – that’s 657 times a day!
As such this topic can be confronting and there is a strong need for change with evidence of physical, emotional, verbal and financial abuse where not only the immediate family can be affected but the extended family as well.
Reference was made to the project developed by Dorothy titled “Rotary Safe Families”
For their Rotary100downunder celebration project, the Rotary Club of Melbourne has commenced the rolling out of the Rotary Safe Families initiative, including workshops. 
The preventative program aims to provide Rotarians who participate in workshops with the tools to identify, safely “call out”, and/or refer to one of the many support agencies in Australia working with victims of family violence and elder abuse.
Dorothy indicated that it is our responsibility as Rotarians and Australian citizens to be informed and to be part of the solution to end family violence in our communities. We must not avoid this topic because we feel helpless or believe that it doesn’t happen to people we know. The Rotary Safe Families program will assist Rotarians to be part of the solution and to spread the ‘NO’ to Family Violence message across their community, their club and throughout Australia.
This can include elder abuse perpetrated by adult children which can often be overlooked, particularly where financial matters are at stake.
Rotarians and clubs can become “champions” of the Rotary Safe Families program in their area. A special information pack has been developed along with facilitator notes, a comprehensive manual, wallet cards, overheads and videos. 
The specifically designed toolkit provides practical, safe methods of the actions that need to be taken to prevent violence from occurring in the first place and suggestions on how to support someone you know who may be a victim of family violence.
RCs across Australia are increasingly using the Training Package.
To find out more and become a part of the program, contact Dorothy Gilmour at
Raffle prizes were won by David Jones, Rohan Williams and Stuart Cardell.
President Warwick closed the meeting thanking Dorothy and mentioned the R100 socks project and stressed that Rotary Connects the World.

Breakfast Meeting Photos

Presedent Warwick Cavell

 Chair Tom Callander

Past Presedent Nev presenting Sean Carr certificate of appreciation at Dockland Meeting


Inquisitor Brett Jones with David Jones

Guest speaker Dorothy Gilmour


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