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Wayne Gladman: How to avoid becoming a victim of fraud in the workplace

Wayne Gladman is the Director of Fraud Risk Solutions Pty Ltd specialising in the management of risks of fraud, corruption and misconduct. He has had over 40 years of experience in forensic investigations from a policing, corporate and consulting perspective.  Wayne is a specialist investigator of fraud, corruption and misconduct, and has developed expertise in the proactive aspects of fraud, bribery & corruption control – prevention, detection and response. He has also provided training to clients in the management of risks of fraud, corruption and misconduct and responsibilities in responding to incidents.

June 30th Meeting Report
Rotary Central Melbourne Club Meeting Report – Tuesday 30 June 2020
Reporter – Campbell Chambers
Adele le Roux proposed toast to Rotary International.
President Therese commenced the meeting by undertaking a welcome to country.  She also welcomed Club members and our guest, Pujah Ganguli, who is well known to most members and sister of Suvam.
Guest Speaker Carol Haslam: French the hard way - my experiences from living in France
Adele Introduced our guest speaker Carol Haslam.  Born in the UK, Carol migrated to Australia in 1972 and lived in France 6 years. She has a background in IT and business management and has been involved in running an entrepreneur’s workshop for 25 years.
Carol currently runs Slow Tours, a company taking tours in France and all over Europe.  It was Carol’s first go at presenting via Zoom.
Growing up Carol wanted a career as an interpreter but couldn’t go to university due to her father’s ill health.
Worked with a French gentlemen in Adelaide and always had an interest in France.
Wanted to become an
Migrated to Australia, it didn’t necessarily work out as she’d expected and was working with a French gent, always had an interest in France.
In her mid-40’s with 4 children (2 younger), got an opportunity to finally go to France.  Carol talked about her experiences in trying to land a job and brushing up on her French and German.  Lived in Brittany without financial support, got through with the help of local families & friends, No entitlements.
Kids at school slowly learning the language and was having a tough time but met many terrific people who helped her family and has many fond memories.
Eventually got a job in Provence with the help of friends, on the Mediterranean which was a different pace of life and culture.
Finally got a role as a product manager in IT business, got promoted to CEO in 6 weeks due to previous manager departing due to poor performance.  Lots of funny experiences with the language!
Signed onto a local MBA, called a CPA.  Part of a group of 26 top execs and 20 years later they still meet regularly for dinner.  Learnt many case studies and is now an expert in foul language thanks to her lecturers.
Carol brought a trade mission to australia as group wanted to come here in 2000.  Had to do a magazine with potential business links for trade, after 6 years in France full of ups and downs she decided to return to Australia in the belief that when life gives you opportunities, you should grab them.
Now a tour operator, in life tries to find quotes to give her inspiration to make decisions.  Franceso to provide the full quote here please…
Carole has very fond memories of France and in returns 3 times a year to run tours and meet with local tourism heads.
Adele thanked Carol for her wonderful presentation.
Alan Driver shared the key milestones for members and significant others:
Member Birthdays
Frank O’Brien 01 July
Sean Car 06 July
Roy Garrett 06 July
Partner Birthdays
Tom Callander: Ann Callander 3 July
Paul Fowler: Sandra McDiarmid 3 July
Date Joined Rotary
Heather Walklate: 1 July 2019 1 year
Marjorie Gerlinger 3 July 1995 25 years
SALVANO, Neil Salvano 3 July 2007 13 years
Tony Thomas also shared a presentation to honour his 80th Birthday.  Thanks to contributions from his grandson Tanner and the Colonel and sincere apologies go to Clark Gable and Vinien Leigh.
As Alan said, thank goodness he doesn’t turn 80 every day.
Alan Driver:  District 9800 asked clubs to look at district codes, more to come in the next few weeks.
Rohan Williams.  Over 200 items of clothing have been delivered to homeless youth, a big thanks to DIK and all club members involved.
Suvam Ganguly.  Mentioned the 7th area of focus for Rotary International which is Supporting the Environment.
The Inquisition
By Brett Jones
This Week’s Subject is Millie Swan.
Millie grew up in Gippsland and worked for Esso out of school, got to work offshore 6 months of the year and come to Melbourne for university for the remainder.
Left after the training period and undertook business studies.  Then moved to Tassie with husband but eventually sold farm and moved to WA.
There Millie met some wonderful mentors and got great opportunities and to build great businesses over 15 years, including a hotel in NW WA, 60 staff plus a security business.  Also spent time advising government on boards.
Worked with aboriginal communities, a social change program for women to talk to elders regarding social issues and really loved her time there. Rotary experience started via WA rural youth but wasn’t ready to join then.
Has now been back in Melbourne for 14 years, pursued an interest in yoga via a Masters in meditation & yoga studies and worked for mission australia in community housing,  
Finally, Millie found RCM!
Has some tips for COVID – move your body, find ways to socially connect and buy a local coffee for that gentle interaction.  Getting a dog is also a great way to meet people.
A bit thanks to Millie for sharing her story.
Presidents messages
President Therese gave a big Thank you for those who made the changeover so successful, an amazing night and she has had many messages of support.
Will be attending as many of the cluster changeover as possible and attended the district changeover. 
Well done to Alan Seals for his Change Champion award at district
Working with SAG on the strategic plan and will present back to the club soon.
Thanked Puja for joining us again and thanked Carol for her presentation, and the linkages to Rotary
Next week’s guest is Wayne Gladman, “how to avoid becoming a victim of fraud in the workplace”.
Alan finished advising the virtual seating arrangement will be out soon and don’t forget: You can tune a piano but you can’t tune a fish
Meeting Closure
2020 Handover Report
Changeover report 26 June 2020
Report prepared by John Ilott
Our 33rd changeover was always going to be challenging given that for the first time in our club’s history, we were forced to hold an on-line meeting.  However everyone picked up on the “dress-to-impress” theme to say farewell to Warwick and to welcome Therese.
Master of Ceremonies was President Nominee Elias Lebbos who welcomed Rotarians, guests and friends of Rotary with special welcome to Charter President, Terry Cocks.
District Governor Grant Hocking opened the meeting with a toast to Rotary International.
Warwick’s report on the year
Warwick’s presentation was polished and professional as we have come to expect.  His full report is contained in the annual report so this report will simply refer to key points.  We shouldn’t diminish the difficulties we faced when we were forced into lock-down in March.  Despite being thrown into this new territory, we missed only one meeting until Warwick and his leadership team were able to regroup and set us up with Zoom meetings with a surprising positive result of markedly increased attendance.  Well done, Warwick for your strong leadership in a time of uncertainty.
Warwick also reiterated his constant message of the need to be mindful of measuring the impact of our strategies in addition to just measuring the activities themselves.
We farewelled Marjorie and Bernie Gerlinger as active members of RCM after 25 years and 30 years of membership respectively, and we welcomed them as our newest honorary members.  Warwick’s words of thanks were heartfelt and while everyone is still wondering how we will fill the gap left by both, we wish them well for a long and happy next phase of retirement in Queensland.
One of the highlights of Warwick’s address was the presentation of awards.
Paul Harris Fellow Recognitions:
George Mackey (4th sapphire), Roy Garrett (1st sapphire) and Neville Taylor.
Rotarian of the Year – Rob Hines
Family of Rotary – Veronica Love and Suzette Taylor
Royce Abbey Award – Francesco Fedele
Outstanding Service Awards – Frank O’Brien, Herb Greenwood, Peter Duras together with a special mention for the contributions of Pauline O’Brien and Sue Duras.
Vocational Service Excellence Award – Alan Seale
Warwick’s report summarised a year of substantial achievement despite the unexpected difficulties.  His mastery of the Zoom medium ensured that his presentation captured the spirit of the event.  He concluded his address by thanking the outgoing board and the club members.
District Governor Grant then presented District Rotary Foundation Awards to Marjorie and Bernie Gerlinger and Rob Hines in recognition of their contributions to the Foundation over many years.
Musical interlude was provided by The Ben Lebbos Quartet prior to the induction of the new president.
The quartet was a class act, though it was difficult to hear the music at times due to Zoom medium malfunction by the Zoom host (John).  If members would like a copy of the music please contact me.
President Warwick recommenced proceedings with the induction of Therese as president for 2020-21.  Therese’s presentation was most thoughtful and judging by the comments coming through on Zoom, it was well received by the attendees.
Therese reflected on how the RI theme resonated with her own values, emphasising that “Rotary International President, Holger Knaack stressed the need for Rotary members to embrace change, noting that time won’t slow down for Rotary and taking this as a challenge”.  She added, “This understanding of the need for change is also embedded in our Central Melbourne club mission, which is to be a progressive and connected club with strong networks and a diverse membership. A catalyst for social change in the communities we serve”.
Therese restated RCM’s mission that includes the need to promote diversity.  She added that in 2020-21 she will also concentrate on “cross-cutting themes” such as:
  • a focus on sustainability and environment, another area emphasised by our International President and our District;
  • enhancing our peace-making capabilities as a club; and
  • exploring the opportunity for greater collaboration, across clubs, the cluster and sister clubs to expand our reach and impact and communities we serve.
Therese concluded her address by introducing her star-studded board.
The (now) President-elect Elias wound up the meeting with special recognition of Marjorie’s effort in producing her 20th annual report.
We are looking forward to our opportunity to meet face-to-face when Warwick will have the opportunity to present his awards personally.

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