• Make the club exciting

  • Increase member involvement

  • Manage the club administration and support services

  • Publicise the club within the community

These are the areas of focus for those who like to make a difference in the club and who enjoy seeing the results of their work reflected in the quality of everything the club does.

Visitors often comment that Rotary Central Melbourne is different from other Rotary clubs; that it has a different "feel".

We agree! And perhaps no other group has as much influence on that "feel" as Club Administration. The activities of this group create that distinctive atmosphere which makes Rotary Central Melbourne so special to so many.

What are some of the activities of the group?

  • Ensuring the quality of the weekly breakfast meetings, from room arrangements and hospitality through the meal, to the humour blended with the club's business to the high level of speakers and topics

  • Arranging social events during the year

  • Producing the weekly bulletin

  • Caring discreetly for the personal welfare of members and their families

  • Recruiting new members who will appreciate and extend the special qualities of this club

  • Producing frequent up-to-date member contact information in convenient formats

  • Promoting the club to members, other Rotarians and to the community, both by conventional and electronic media.

All of this, and much more behind-the-scenes organisation and administration, enables Club Administration to play a big part in making Rotary Central Melbourne the outstanding club it is!