Feb 13, 2018
Sheryl Forrester, Victorian Programs Coordinator
Shine for Kids – Our vision statement - Programs currently operating in Victoria,

SHINE for Kids is the only national charity in Australia that works solely to support the children of incarcerated parents. They work to lessen the effects of imprisonment on children and families – and consequently to reduce the likelihood of re-offending – through support, case management and information. They advocate for the rights of children at all levels and believe that our services are needed now more than ever.

Sheryl has been Shine for Kids’ Victorian Programs Coordinator for almost 3 years, with a strong background in arts and literacy. Sheryl has previously worked with Victoria’s Department of Education and Training Arts as Literacy Specialist, and completed her Bachelor of Education at Monash University in 2002 studying at Chisholm Institute. As Shine for Kids Education Support Specialist, Sheryl coordinates education programs mainly in Melbourne’s Western suburbs as well as other LGAs  for children impacted by the incarceration of a parent.