Sep 17, 2013
Improving Quality of Life and Sporting Performance Through Movement
 In today’s society we are largely sedentary, work long hours and find it hard to fit in “me time” due to family commitments and busy schedules.  We may be stressed, make poor nutritional choices and do not get enough restful sleep which can lead to health problems, weight gain, poor posture and affects our relationships, self esteem and mental state.
Richard will talk about wellness from a holistic approach with pointers on how to improve your quality of life, give you a spring in your step and regain balance in your life. Richard will also talk on improving your movement for better daily function as well as for golf performance
Richard was born overseas, has lived in five countries and holds an honours degree in Business and Sports Studies.  He has worked both in the corporate market as a recruiter as well as for seven years in the wellness industry as a personal trainer, sports and conditioning coach and fitness lecturer and assessor.  Richard has worked closely with high level corporate’s, sports athletes, older adults and adolescents to assist them with their health and fitness goals, producing life changing tangible results and increased sporting performance.