Security through peacebuilding
Feb 14, 2023 7:40 AM
Dr Tania Miletic
Security through peacebuilding

Tania will share reflections as an alumna of the Rotary Peace Fellowship program, now over 20 years since she was in the inaugural class. At a time of extraordinary global turbulence and uncertainty, the peacebuilding field and its partners must work harder than ever to ensure foundations on which to build more effective, sustainable solutions to increasingly complex conflicts and crisis. Unprecedented times often call for unprecedented measures. Based on extensive research and applied experience, her talk will focus on peacebuilding efforts in the region. Tania will share some of the ways that public and non-government diplomacy and better integrating conflict prevention and peacebuilding strategy can support efforts for greater peace. The vision and activities of the newly established Initiative for Peacebuilding at the University of Melbourne will also be discussed.

Tania is the Assistant Director of the University of Melbourne's Initiative for Peacebuilding. She is committed to working collaboratively to influence positive change through research, policy development and support to peacebuilders across a range of contexts and settings in her local Australian context, South East Asia and China.

She is also Faculty on the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies’ Applied Conflict Transformation Studies PhD program, a unique hybrid academic-practitioner program throughout Asia.

Tania holds a Masters in Public Administration (Rotary Peace Fellowship 2002-2004) from ICU, Tokyo and a PhD in Political Science from UQ.

Tania has maintained strong links with Rotary, such as co-hosting the R100 Conference ‘The Future of Peace Leadership’ and sitting on various peacebuilding committees. Tania was made a Paul Harris Fellow (2014); Paul Harris Fellow (Sapphire, 2021) and received the Robert M Fels Peace Award (2022) by D9800.

She loves to cook and believes in the power of sharing food and stories to nourish understanding and connection. She is the founder and Director of Peace-Meal Peacebuilding Initiatives.