Aug 23, 2022 7:40 AM
Susie Cole
Rotary Inner Melbourne Emergency Relief Network (RIMERN) - the home of residential recycling

RIMERN is a multi-club Rotary project (including Rotary Central Melbourne) that means 'Residential Recycling'!  “We collect household goods to donate to people in need. It’s a simple idea that has worked for 27 years at Eastern Emergency Relief Network and 7 years at Western Emergency Relief Network. Now it’s inner Melbourne’s turn!”

RIMERN assists people coming out of homelessness, domestic violence, refugee displacement, jail, loss of homes owing to disaster or crisis. These people are clients of member welfare agencies who are helping them settle into homes. RIMERN helps to fit them out.

Susie Cole has been recognised with the District 9800 Royce Abbey Champion of Change Award in 2018 and a State Premier's Volunteer Champion Award for leadership the same year. She is a presenter on the Rotary & Community Service Radio Show on 94.1 FM.

Susie is a proud & passionate Rotarian who believes that "if you've done well, you should do good". She is a mum, grandmother, feminist and traveller and lives her life with a profound "attitude of gratitude" and a big sense of humour!

Susie will talk about RIMERN and how Rotarians and friends can get involved in this exciting, multi-club Rotary project.