President Rohan Williams – Welcome to country and acknowledgement. Welcomed guests.
Chair – Anne King proposed a toast to Rotary International.
Guest Speaker Gary Morton spoke about the importance of bee keeping in his presentation titled Toast and Honey.
Gary mentioned that one in every three mouthfuls of human food is produced by bees. A honey-bee can fly for up to eight kilometres from their colony, and as fast as 20 km per hour, but it would have to fly about three times around the globe to make half a kilogram of honey. Bees are highly productive insects, and keeping a beehive can be a beneficial exercise for almost anyone! The advent of the varroa mite in Australia has brought a new dimension to beekeeping that must be met head-on.
Gary also shared a video he had recorded to demonstrate his bee keeping equipment and apiary. The link to the video is below:
A fascinating presentation was followed by a lively question session, including on native bees, the pesticide problem for bees and city bee-keeping.
Member Announcements:
Campbell Chambers: Invited members to participate in the October club raffle. The raffle would support Lift the Lid Foundation. Lift the Lid on Mental Illness is an Australian Rotary Health Mental Health awareness and fundraising event. Participating is as easy as popping a hat on your head, organising an event at your workplace, and making a donation. All money raised will go towards mental health research.
For more information about Rotary Central Melbourne please visit our website:
For more information about Rotary Mental Health campaign please visit:
Peter Duras: Announced that the BBQ for Grand Final Day on 24th September was a great success with the club raising important funds for club projects.