Posted by Alan SEALE
Robyn and I have just left the Rotary International Convention in Hamburg having had a thoroughly enjoyable and stimulating time.  Of particular interest was the honorable mention our club received in the Youth Exchange sessions and social events for our sponsorship of Hannah Weigl, Raphael Wong and James Young as participants in the New Generations Service Exchange program.  All three performed beautifully at the House of Friendship, the Youth Exchange Banquet and a social evening at the Hamburger and Germanic Rowing Club.  We also met Lotta Rink, our next inbound participant whom we should see in Melbourne next February. 

The Convention was of course a huge event with around 27,000 participants.  There was heavy focus on Polio Eradication and Rotoract/Interact.  We were able to establish some valuable contacts regarding NGSE and our proposed VTT venture in PNG.  More about that later.

Finally we caught up with Flavia Minikus’s parents for a wonderful seafood lunch. 

Now off to Latvia!  See you at Changeover.