Rotary Central Melbourne is very active in the Community Avenue of Service to enhance the lives of those living, working or visiting the community of central Melbourne. We recognise the value of partnering with some of Victoria's most respected and dedicated support organisations. Through these partnerships we pursue activities that aim to enable people to build better lives and enhance social cohesion in the community.  Some of our projects see us supporting marginalised youth, people with disabilities, the homeless and other disadvantaged or disenfranchised people in our Melbourne community.

Examples of some of those partnerships are with Lentara Uniting Care, Youth Projects and Steps Outreach. We also work closely with corporate partners like Caprice and Pacific Brands in facilitating the power of giving by those organisations in their programs of corporate social responsibility. Working in these partnerships sees us successfully connect communities and help those less fortunate than ourselves.

Rotarians, partners and friends enjoy the rewards from improving the lives of others through a wide range of activities that vary from hands-on help such as working bees, gardening and community stalls to more strategic input like mentoring, leadership and planning.

A number of our Community Service projects are mentioned in the project pages linked to the key platforms of:

  • Supporting Disadvantaged People
  • Improving the Quality of Community Life
  • Promoting Inclusiveness & Goodwill in Communities