Want to join?

Each Rotary Club requires its members to pay an annual membership fee and, for new members, a joining fee. These fees are used to cover administration costs.
Attendance at club meetings incurs a fixed fee and there are usually opportunities to contribute to minor fundraising  activities.  

Each year, the District Governor hosts a District Conference where clubs gather to see what has been achieved in their area. While attendance is optional, it is an opportunity to see Rotary in a broader context and to enjoy some fun and frivolity with club members and the wider circle of the Rotary District. Costs vary from year to year depending on location.

Financial details: (including GST) as at 1/7/2022
  • Annual membership fee $336 (option to pay in two instalments)
  • New member joining fee (once only) $55
  • Club meeting cost (light breakfast) $34.50 (in-person meetings only)
The annual membership is payable as at 1st July each year but new members would pay a pro-rata fee based on number of months expired. The above fee includes a levy to our District administration as well as affiliation with Rotary International. Also includes a member's subscription to the monthly magazine - "Rotary Down Under"

The meeting fee includes a small loading to meet the cost of guest speakers etc.

Fellowship events are designed to involve your family and to meet other fellow Rotarians in a relaxed and social environment. The infrequent BBQ, winery tour, theatre or restaurant night etc usually involve only the entrance and meal cost.
Note: Joining fee does not apply when new member is a former Rotarian or is transferring from an existing club in which the member was financial immediately prior to transfer.