Want to join?


Thank you for your interest in becoming a Rotarian. We are always eager to hear from individuals interested in serving the community in a voluntary capacity and joining our Rotary Club.

Having perused our Website, you may have further questions that you would like to discuss.. There is a lot of printed material available on Rotary and this can be made available to you.

The next step will be to send your contact details to the Membership Director via the link below:


We will provide you with further information and may invite you to be our guest at one of our weekly meetings.

When you are satisfied with the information that has been presented to you and have discussed the matter with your partner or family, it is time for you to meet members of our Membership Committee regarding your interest.

Before this you should be very sure that you can be an active member, participating in weekly meetings or actively participating in a pre-determined club service project or various other meetings or events. Ensure that you are prepared to give the club the benefit of your skills and abilities and that you genuinely wish to give "Service above Self".

Also remember that you may be invited to accept a committee or leadership role at some time during your membership.

If, following discussions with our Membership Committee, you qualify and are ready to join, they will organise for your membership application to be submitted to the Club Board for approval.

You will be welcome to attend further Club meetings at your own cost pending approval of your application. Assuming your membership is accepted, you will be notified and inducted into the club shortly thereafter. Then you will begin a remarkable journey that Rotary provides all members who make the decision to share their good fortune in life with the community of which they are a part.