Beyoinder – helping communities to collaborate
Mar 05, 2019
Andrea Mayorga
Beyoinder – helping communities to collaborate

BeYoinder is a collaborative consulting social enterprise that aims at building an international network of organisations to collaborate effectively to innovate solutions and create scalable partnerships to develop sustainable communities.

Their main focus is to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goal 17 – Partnerships for the goals of the United Nations Development Programme.

With the rapid growth in future technologies, BeYoinder is innovating new strategies using them to foster meaningful partnerships between organisations and achieve sustainable development in vulnerable communities.

 Andrea will present to our members the pilot projects in Mildura (Australia ) and La Guajira (Colombia) which are linking both countries in developing sustainable communities through projects of growing maize, clean water, and infrastructure.

Andrea is a Civil engineer from Colombia, who is passionate about leadership and social innovation in sustainable community development. She loves utilising her skills in humanitarian engineering and entrepreneurship to inspire and mobilise a global community for social change by developing links between communities, local and international, to foster development.

She strongly believes in the power of collaboration and networking to innovative strategies to foster meaningful partnerships between organisations/ individuals and achieve sustainable development in vulnerable communities

Andrea has been recognised with several awards and nominations for her involvement with the International Student Community and volunteering in Australia. She represented Colombia and Australia as a delegate in the University Scholars Leadership Symposium 2018 at the United Nations, Bangkok where she inspired a lot of multinational young people through her passion and charming personality.