Iconic Melbourne-Mark will speak about his book, his self-publishing challenges & successes
Mar 20, 2018
Marc Rusic - Author, Artist, Speaker
Iconic Melbourne-Mark will speak about his book, his self-publishing challenges & successes

Iconic​ ​Melbourne​ showcases more than 20 of Melbourne's finest locations utilising artist, Mark Rusic's own original collection of paintings, poetry and photography, to present Melbourne in a most unique, dynamic and fresh way.

What sets Iconic Melbourne Australia apart is not only how we learn about and celebrate each icon, but how the artist uses his artistry to create a kind of 'iconic-impetus' to also encourage a positive social outlook, while inspiring the reader to discover and be empowered in their own creative potential. This book will inspire wonderful memories and provide an enriching vicarious experience.

Mark Rusic – graduate Mechanical Engineer, self-published author, painter, husband, father of three (including twins) and Pastor of The Hope Church.

A proud Melburnian, his first publication, “Iconic Melbourne”, first left the printer’s galley in 2014. Its history included a display at the Melbourne Library, book signing at Dymocks Camberwell and copies being presented to G20 leaders.

His second publication in 2017 was “Iconic Animals of Australia”.

The books support a theme developed by Mark of healing, learning and blossoming which the drawings and paintings enhance. Adoption of positive attitudes to work through conflict and disappointment and recognising latent skills was a key part of that journey.

Mark Rusic has successfully self-published two books, ‘Iconic Melbourne’ and the newly released title, ‘Iconic Animals of Australia with a voice to release your giant potential within’ (in Jan. 2017), which both sell in leading retailers. Both are a collection of all his own paintings, photography, poetry and with creative and motivational comments throughout.