Taking action on climate: systems-change perspectives
Nov 09, 2021 7:40 AM
Margot Delafoulhouze
Taking action on climate: systems-change perspectives

ClimateWorks Australia bridges the gap between research and action to achieve the system-level transitions required to reach net zero emissions across Australia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific.  ClimateWorks works across four physical systems of the economy that produce emissions, and three systems that enable emissions reduction, supported by specialist teams to provide regional, local context and systems change capabilities.

One of the physical systems is the 'Cities System'. Work in this space aims to accelerate the transition to net zero across cities and the urban environment through the decarbonisation of buildings, transport and infrastructure. As Cities System Lead, Margot will talk about climate action and how you can make a difference within the local, national and global context.

Prior to joining ClimateWorks, Margot worked for WWF France as Head of Advocacy and Campaigns for Sustainable Cities. She led campaigns and programs on climate action, transitions and plastic pollution at the subnational level. Previously, she worked for Ernst and Young’s Climate Change & Sustainability team in Paris, leading strategic and policy-related projects with corporates and governments in the transport, energy, buildings and real estate sectors. Margot was also seconded to the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and led the organisation of the Low-emissions Solutions Conference at COP22. She has also worked for Aurecon Australia and the Port of Melbourne Corporation on environmental impact and stakeholder engagement.